Monday, July 23, 2007

Curry Laksa

Since moving to the US is hard to find good Malaysia food. But we are lucky that now we can find everything online. You can now buy all varieties of Malaysian sauces, snacks at with just a click of your mouse and they will mail it to you in no time. One of my all time favorite is their 'Curry Laksa' paste. I did a healthier version by using unsweetened soy milk instead of coconut milk and it turn out just as good minus the guilt.

Just follow the instruction on the package and you will have a hot steamy bowl of laksa in minutes


Cat Cat said...

Yum Yum... Curry Laksa... Yum Yum..
Eh, that Yong Tau Foo bikin sendiri ke..? Woo, my favourite tauhu pok.

ICook4Fun said...

Hi Cat, yalah..Yong tau foo bikin sendiri. Sini cannot find ready made YTF lah.

Salt N Turmeric said...

buat sendiri? alamak. how lah? i pun beli curry laksa but insisted tht il only make it when i find the tauhu.

NorthBorneoGirl said...

Hello Gert,

your curry laksa looks so yummylicious! .. I want so much to order from Big Boss Ray but delivery to Canada so expensivelah :-(

ICook4Fun said...

PJ, suruh Michael take you to Asian store this weekend then bolih lah masak the Laksa.

Envy, thanks for stopping by here. Which part of Cananda are you at?

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, is that your home made taugeh (beans sprout)?

ICook4Fun said...

Tak ada lah Zue. Mana my home made taugeh panjang macam tu. I beli from the new Asian store dekat rumah.

NorthBorneoGirl said...

*off topic* I'm in Abbotsford BC ..

aiyah nonya said...

Yummy looking laksa.

I tried with milk in my curries, but my family just don't buy them. End up I have to finish it.

They like their curry with coconut milk and worry about the cholesterol later..

ICook4Fun said...

Ms Envy, juahnya you tinggal !! I remember you used to live kat CA kan? I pun moved from there not too long ago.

Nonya, coconut milk taste good in everything. Be it kueh or curries. Try with soy milk and see if your boys likes it.

Sue Sue said...

Your laksa looks good leh makes me drooling. 2molo lunch going to eat Curry Laksa.

Rita Ho said...

Gert .... I always have fear visiting your blog. I'll end up with either a growling stomach or find everything that I subsequently eat here tasteless. Wish our live-in-same-town days are now!

ICook4Fun said...

Sue, is so easy for you. Just go to any kedai kopi and you can 'ta pau' the curry laksa. For us susah sikit as we have to cook it. Lucky we have the Laska paste now.

Rita, looking forward to your visit. I too wish that all of us can live near to each other. Can you imagine us all staying nearby to each other.

Anonymous said...

Chef Gert..

So envy u...can have curry laksa with YTF!!! (hahahha...sorry Gert, when i read u wrote "YTF", it really made me laugh..sounds like people cursing. ok ok..solly...I will behave)

Thanks for sharing!

ICook4Fun said...

fan-C, aiyoh..your mind ah !!!

Tesson said...

Hello, aunty~
U can call me Wen Wei.
I'm Chinese oso, hokkien, hakke, cantonese pun boleh, thx to my parents. XP
I nw studying kat India, actually i tengah cari some Malaysian food blog, n found urs~
All the pic veli nice!! ^^
I oso like to cook, lots more to learn, coz anyth M'sian then i hv to cook myself loh, if nt mana nak cari? Tio boh? ^^
Was eating some locally bought yam, stewed wit chicken, n hae bee char chinese cabbage. Dunno y i'm telling u this, hehe~ ^^

Like ur blog a lot!! ^^