Sunday, November 23, 2014

Get Together and Nini’s Kitchen

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I have not talk or show you any pictures of our Malaysian gatherings since moving to the West Coast. I knew a few Malaysian and Singaporean here and we do meet up once awhile. My friend Semara introduces me to another Malaysian lady name Nini who live about 10 minutes away last month and we just click right away. I’ve been to her house a few times and as usual when we Malaysian meet up what do we do? We cook and eat. Very typical of us Malaysian ha ha... Here are some pictures of the food we had that day.

Nasi Kerabu prepared by Nini's

Yam Kueh/Orr Kueh prepared by Nini's

Here is a little introduction about "Nini’s Kitchen . Nini was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. As you know Penang is well known for its excellent dishes so she's been around exceptional food all her life. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 5 years ago and has since enjoyed the food culture here as well. She loves to cook and experiments with different types of cuisine in her kitchen. She specializes in South East Asian Cuisine and tries to cook all her dishes as authentic as possible, provided she can find all the necessary ingredients here in America. Her backyard is full of chili plants; lemon grass, curry plants, kaffir lime plants, lemons, fresh herbs and etc. This shows how serious she is about her cooking. Pictures below are all the food prepared by her from her kitchen.

She runs a small catering business and can cater for smaller events. She has been hosting private paid events for over two years and the responses were really good evidently by the large number of repeat customers and all the positive reviews they wrote about her food.

Besides that she also sells all kinds of Malaysian delicacies such as snacks, desserts and cookies. So if you need someone to cook or cater for your parties do contact her at her Nini's Kitchen Facebook page . While you are there do check out all the photos of her cooking and also past events. I bet you will drool at all her pictures

Monday, November 17, 2014

English Muffin Loaf

Carlos love having English muffin for breakfast. He enjoyed his toasted, slathered with butter and has it with a banana. I always wanted to make some but never get to do it. So happen I saw American Test Kitchen on TV making it into a loaf and I quickly took down the recipe. There were no kneading involve. All you have to do is just mixing all the ingredients together, cover it and let the yeast do the job. Not more than an hour. Simple!

This bread is unbelievably easy to make and the result is a loaf of bread that’s very reminiscent of English Muffins with its signature holey, airy, honeycomb kind of texture. In fact this is the second time I bake this. The first time I halve the original recipe but the dough didn’t fill up the loaf pan and they don’t look very good. So this time I alter the recipe a little bit in order to fit nicely into the loaf pan. I think this bread will be a good try for anyone who wanted to start making bread because of its simplicity.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Simple Apple Cake

Autumn is here and apples are on sale everywhere. It gets as low as $0.59 a pound and as usual I will load them up. I am not a huge fan of eating them as it is so I usually add it into my juice or bake with it. I will make tarts , add it into banana bread and make cake out of it. This is just a simple butter cake with the addition of apples in it. Great for afternoon tea or have it with or morning coffee.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Carlos is not a fan of cauliflower and I hardly buy any of it but when I saw them on sale for $0.99 each, I just have to buy a couple of it. I roasted some and used the rest to make this soup. The weather here is getting much cooler so it is always nice to have some warm soup with crusty sour dough bread in the evening. I like my soup to be light and not too creamy so I make a slightly healthier version with more chicken stock and less dairy. Well, is not completely healthy as I add some bacon for the topping :)