Friday, July 06, 2007

Curry Puff (Karipap)

Made some karipap yesterday. I made these using store bought 'Goya' empanadas wrappers. You can make your own pastry but I am just too lazy.

Chicken and potatoes filling
Empanadas wrappers


Cat Cat said...

Your karipap looks so good... I have to make some this weekend. Your karipap makes me feel homesick. HUHUHU

Salt N Turmeric said...

u kno wht? once i tried making the beef filling but it turned out looking and taste funny. so in the end masuk tong sampah. so until now i stil belum dpt makan curry puff.

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, with the store bought pastry is easy. Just masak the inti only.

PJ, I put chicken, potatoes and some sweet potatoes in mine. I tak suka beef filling. The smell of beef is too overpowering.

Zue Murphy said...

Do you have to flatten the empanadas skin some more before you put in the filling? Mine tebal and keras when I bake with the sweet red beans paste. Yes, I agree that this empanadas wrap is great for karipap.No need to knead dough.

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, I tak flatten it. I guna terus. The skin memang keras sikit but its meant to be fried but we baked it that is why ia keras sikit.