Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pig In The Blanket – Step by Step

When hot dogs are on sale I will always buy a packet or two and keep it in the freezer. Carlos and Diana are crazy over hot dogs but not me. They can eat this every week and I will normally stay away from it. Besides grilling it I have to find ways to finish it up quickly as I am trying to clear up the freezer. My two sisters will be visiting end of this week so I need space to stock up some seafood. So what I do with it? I made Pig in the blanket. I used the same recipe as the Assortment of Savory Buns . Here are some pictures of the step by step ways of making it. Enjoy!!

After kneading, set it aside to proof.

Proof until double it size.

Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces.

Roll the dough into long strip.

Roll the dough around the hotdog.

Another way of doing the bread. Flatten the dough and make 5 cuts on both side.

Bring each cuts into the center of the hotdog.

Set the bread to proof for the second time until double it size. Brush with egg wash and bake in a pre-heated 350 degree F oven until golden brown.


Note : For these bread I used regular flour instead of Whole Wheat.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

These are really look like bread which selling outside, good job and well done, I gonna to give a try soon.

Salt N Turmeric said...

cantik your pigs in the blanket gert. Nati i pun nak try lah buat the pastry sendiri.

Little Corner of Mine said...

So pretty! I am like you, trying to stay away from hotdog/sausage but my girls loved it.

Cat Cat said...

I like the second method of wrapping the hotdog... Look so nice.. I'm going to try to make some for my girls but gotta stick to store bought dough.

Gua mana ada time and effort to make my own dough..???

mycookinghut said...

Love it!! So nicely done! You are really talented!! I have been saying that I wanted to do for quite a while! I need to get the ingredients this weekend!

Foodiewife said...

OMG! I eat hot dogs about twice a year. I love baking bread, so I am bookmarking this. Thanks for such a great tutorial on how to make these. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those are the most good-looking pigs in a blanket I've ever seen!!
Totally gourmet!
Great site!

Dura said...

This gonna be my 2nd kitchen's project after the kuih bakar recipe(Farina). I luv the steps by steps shown above. We're soooo crazy over the hot dogs ..woof woof :)

Zoe said...

These are so cute! Great for dipping in ketchup!

Dori said...

It's funny, I'm not a fan of hot dogs unless they are grilled at a picnic, but I always loved these :) Yours look better than usual!

Deborah said...

I have to admit - I LOVE pigs in a blanket! I'll be saving this for myself, and especially for when my daughter is old enough to eat them!

Zue Murphy said...

They are so cute! I am sure they taste so much better than the ready made dough. Good job Gert!

Anonymous said...


Can I use bread flour instead of wholemeal flour.

Thanks & Best regards.

Beachlover said...

Gert,your PIB look go neat and shinny!! I love this hotdog bun too!! Infact I just make this dough wt nutella..

Health Freak Mommy said...

It takes skills to make those piggies, they look yummy! My 2 monkeys will love those piggies!

pigpigscorner said...

Thanks for the step by step pix! They look perfect! Love the golden brown colour after baking.

Jamie said...

Those are the most beautiful pigs in blankets I have ever seen! Adorable! I must try that the next time I make them. I'll bet yours are yummy, too!

Finla said...

I am sure going to make this.

ICook4Fun said...

Emile, hope you like this.

Farina, if ada problem give me a call yea.

LCOM, for me I never like hot dogs :)

Cat, kalau nak makan must buat lah sendiri.

Leemei, I can't wait to see your bread.

A Feast for the eyes, Happy baking :)

Petitechef, thank you.

Dura, ha ha another hot dogs fan :)

Zoe, we drizzle it with Japanese Mayo. Give it a try and it taste great.

Meeso, thank you.

ICook4Fun said...

Deborah, hope your daughter like the bread.

Zue, I will make some for you when I visit you :)

Anon, you can always use bread flour or white flour.

Lesley, thank you.

Health Freak Mommy, I am sure your daughters will love the piggies :)

Jamie, thank you.

Happy cook, I already answer to your question at the other link.

Becky said...

I love the way you've been so creative with wrapping these. Particularly like the braided one. I'm going to try this with the veggie hot dogs we use.

Risa said...

I love the braiding. You have really classed these up!

Elin Chia said...

Hi Gert,

Glad to know you too love making buns now. Now Summer so best time to make buns :)) Your PIB are so neat :) I learn something new from you today. Another way to wrap the hot dog! Simple ya LOL

Rachelle S said...

Oooh, very nice! Maybe my kids would eat hot dogs like that? Yeah, they are not hot dog people. weird.

Passionate About Baking said...

Oh wow! Your breads are so pretty and nicely baked. The colour is so nicely browned! I can never get this colour when I do my egg wash, they became "charred brown", not golden brown! Any tips for me? :) Thanks for sharing.

Charmaine said...

Gert, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, with photos on how to wrap as well. My girls love these buns. I'm going to try it.

ICook4Fun said...

Becky, happy baking.

Risa, thank you :)

Rlin, my sisters is here so all my baking good finish up in no time :)

Rachelle, your kids might like the look of the PIB and maybe they will eat it :)

Passionate about baking, thanks. I always rotate the baking pan half way through for even browning.

Charming, hope your girls like these buns.

Kurger said...

This looks great - I got here through Serious Eats' photograzing section. Do the hotdogs have to be thawed first, or do you just roll them in frozen and all?

ICook4Fun said...

Ramon, the hotdogs need to be thawed first.

Angie's Recipes said...

This is a WINNER!!!

Christelle said...

Wow, very impressed with your dough, i shall try that!

here we tend to roll the hot dogs in puff pastry, nice too :)

ICook4Fun said...

Angie, thank you.

Christelle, using puff pastry sounds good too :)

wawademango said...

dear i make this last nite.. and turn out like... arrgghh i dont know how to say it..ok this is first time i make bread.. (im not as pro as you) must learn alot from you.. :)

i want to ask:
1. do i need to keep take out my bread and brush with egg??

2. how long i must wait for my dough to proof?

3. how come my bread (base) not cook while the surface already golden brown?

thanks for your help dear.. maybe will do better next time!

Tish C. Hill said...

These are the most beautiful "pigs in a blanket" I have ever seen!! :D

ICook4Fun said...

Wawa, what happen to your bread? The answer to your question.
1. I am not very clear of your question but just to let you know that after I roll the hot dogs with the bread dough I let it proof on the baking sheet until nearly double it size and then brush it with beaten egg and bake.
2. The proofing time depends on your environment temperature. For me here it can take over 4 hours during winter and for summer it takes about 2 hours.
3. For this problem you have to check your oven. If that happen to me I will bake the bread on the lower rack.

Miss Tish, thank you.

Louvie said...


I was wondering when u say regular flour is it normal plain flour ( All Purpose flour). Thanks


Anonymous said...

Can you freeze these and bake them another day?

Rosemaryandthegoat said...

These are beautiful and I love hotdogs.

jas495 said...

What a great receipe for hotdogs. I have to try this! Thank you