Friday, October 28, 2011

Cendol Pudding - Day 28

We are into day 28th of the Selangor Pewter Jellyriffic challenge. It is sad that it will be come to an end soon as I am growing very attached to my jelly moulds. Oh well, all good things must come to an end but for sure it won’t be the last time you see the moulds making an appearance in this blog. I am definitely going to use it again to make some of my dessert.

I like this traditional Malaysian style jelly a lot. I made this before something ago and you can get the recipe here . But for this challenge, I tried out the recipe from K.Nor of Secubit Garam . K.Nor is a great supporter of this challenge and never fails give me a lot of encouragement and ideas. Terima Kasih K.Nor. Do check out her blog as she has a lot of mouthwatering recipes there.

Ingredients for White layers
Adapted from : Secubit Garam

250 ml water
70 gram sugar
150 ml coconut milk
4 gram agar agar powder
250 gram cendol
pinch of salt

Ingredients for the brown layers:

250 ml water
70 gram palm sugar – cut into small pieces
150 ml coconut milk
4 gram agar agar powder
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt

1. For the white layers, combined water, agar agar powder and bring it up to a boil. Cook until agar agar powder and sugar dissolved. Lower down the heat, add in the coconut milk and salt and bring it up to a slow boil.
2. Add in the cendol, stir and turn down the heat to the lowest.
3. For the brown layers, combined 100 ml water and palm sugar. Cook until dissolve. Remove from heat and strain. Add in the balance of the water and agar agar powder. Cook until agar agar powder dissolved.
4. Combined the egg yolk and coconut milk. Mix really well and pour it into the agar agar mixture. Add in the salt. Bring it up to a slow boil and turn the heat down to the lowest.
5. Wet the jelly mould; pour some of the brown mixture into the mould. Let is set and scratch the surface with a toothpick. Pour in some of the white mixture and let is set. Do the alternate layers until it is done.
6. Let it chill completely before serving.

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Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

This is a nice shot. It looks so glossy and smooth.

hanushi said...

Palm sugar and cendol are perfect match. Loving how you put them together.

harleena said...

love the combination and surely love the looks. And am surely gonna love the taste of cendul... next in my list but i have to make the cenul first...

lena said...

wow, 3 more days to go! at least after this can relax a bit , after that got to start packing!!

suituapui said...

Makes me drool... Must be so nice. Coming to an end? I'm sure you have lots of other great ideas that you can use the jelly moulds for...

K.Nor said...

so nice!! mmg cun betul bila buat banyak layer gitu gert! congrat!

rajin u buat cendol tu ya.. :)

tersipu2 malu bila u mention my name on yr entri .. tq so much! ^__^

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

love the last picture, sound good.

ann low said...

Very pretty jelly, those cendol looks like pearl :)
I totally agree with you. Nor always present her best bakes and jellies.

Dee said...

Hmmm love cendol! I think I will try to make this myself, since I have palm sugar. Of course, I won't make it on a cone shape. haha.
Love the color coordination too! Good choice!

Anonymous said...

I agree, these photos are great. Very crisp. :]

Anonymous said...

A very pretty creation and I am sure it is very delicious too. Well done.

B.Lee, NZ

Katie said...

Wow that looks stunning. I love the layers and the glossy outisde you've achieved.

Chah said...

Even tho i've been 'serve' with many food in that magic cone, it's ok, i really love mom used to be air batu cendol seller during good old days...:)

Anonymous said...

I've been away for a couple of weeks and you posted so many beautiful recipes with the cone. I am going to ask my hubby to get me one too so I can try out all your recipes here. Thanks for sharing it Gert. I really hope you will win this and maybe I will get to meet you :)


Fern @ To Food With Love said...

That's a beautiful creation! Must be tricky getting the layers to be so even, but you did it perfectly! Yummm....:)

Lite Home Bake said...

Love the contrasting layers! The green in the cendol gives a nice accent to it. I am sure this tastes as good as it looks!

My Little Space said...

Chendol is one of my favourites. This is just so so tempting.

Shereen said...

Oh my goodness..that's a lot of work by doing so many layers..but the jelly look stunning!

Anonymous said...

That must have taken a lot of work and effort to make, though it did pay off:)

Anonymous said...

If I made that I think after 2 layers I would give up. Looks delicious, Simon