Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seri Muka

It has been a while since I last make this kuih. The last time I made this was for our gathering in December 2006. Is really an easy kuih to make.


Bottom layer

400 grm of glutinous rice - wash and soak for at least 4 hours
200 ml of coconut milk
1 tsp of salt

Top layer

3 large eggs
3 tbsp of flour
3 tbsp of custard powder
320 ml of coconut milk
140 grms of sugar
1/4 tsp of salt

1) Drain the glutinous rice and mix it with coconut milk and salt. Put the mixture into the steaming tray and steam on high heat for 20 min.
2) Remove from heat fluff up the rice with a fork. Then used a piece of banana leaf or aluminium foil to press down the rice to level the surface. Set aside.
3) To make the top layer combine all ingredients until well mixed. Strain.
4) Return the rice to the steamer and pour in the top layer batter on top of the rice.
5) Steam on medium heat for another 35 minutes or until the top layer is cooked and firm to touch.
6) Remove and cool down the kueh before cutting into it.

Note : Steaming time might varies depending on the steamer and the heat. The top layer of my Seri Muka was not so seri and smooth. I think the heat of my steamer was too high :)


Jun said...

waaa...rajinner u Gert buat kue tu...it's ok ape..ade seri la tu..with dat royal color..cantik!

Cat Cat said...

Alamak Gert, for me, everything susah... The resepi looks so easy, tapi bila I buat, macam the banana cakes, semua masuk longkang... huhuhu.

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, this seri muka really "berseri". Bright color. Sedap to look.

drNO said...

one of my fav kuih...
but still could not master la the art of traditional kuih....
ur's look so delicious...i bet it taste even better

Beachlover said...

Gert..eerrhh,please bear with me,I'm confused about the name or kuih..I thought seri muka is green color or can we replaced pandan green with the yellow color,right?.I see in store is green,that why I ask.It's the same recipe??.
But your seri muka look licin to me.Good one!!.Maybe I will try your recipe soon..Thanks for sharing

NorthBorneoGirl said...

Sedapnye Gert .. your recipes all look easy to make .. but in reality I'm like Cath .. very rarely turned out right :( oh but your serunding recipe .. turned out great! ..but one thing .. I wasn't the one who made it .. my sis did :) tht's why it turned out great.. Thanks for the recipe Gert.

ZazaHardy said...

did seri muka for our 2nd day buka puasa but something was wrong with mine. tasted good but the top part was slightly keras. do you know why? didnt use custard powder kot? will be posting it at blog once i get to uk (going in a couple of hours for aidan's 1st birthday!!) i will for sure try your version when i get back in my kitchen!!


ICook4Fun said...

Jun, I too like the kuning colour rather than the hijau :) :)

Cat, buat ni tak susah. Kalau ada problem talipon I :)I walk you thru step by step.

Zue, tak lah seri sangat. Look at the bumpy topping.

drNo, I memang suka traditional kuih. I prefer to make it myself because sini tak jual.

Beachlover, is the same kuih. If you want to make the pandan one just change the custard powder to rice flour and then add pandan paste to it.

Envy, glad you like the serunding recipe. Hope you will make this for berbuka.

Zaza, if you make the green topping you can put rice flour because custard powder kan kuning. Some recipe tak taruh telur but mine does sudah lembut sikit. Happy Bithday to cute Aidan!!

Retno Prihadana said...

We have almost similar traditional kuih/kue. Hmm..enakk!

pearly said...

althougt I can't test it but looking at it make my mouth watering ..mmm yummy
reading you recipe it like easy to make I will try it at work xxxxThank

Rita Ho said...

Gert ... coconut freak and custard lover here, so this is one of my favourite kuih. Going to try this week since I have a packet of sweet rice. I think you are too modest. Your kuih looks very saleable. :)

ICook4Fun said...

Retno, there are a lot of similarity in our kuih.

Pearly, hope you will try out the recipe.

Rita, I too like custard a lot. Let me know how it turn out ok.

Salt N Turmeric said...

im with Cath. hahahahh. snenag bagi u but very the susah one for me. sigh.. jilat screen ajelah Gert!

ICook4Fun said...

PJ, tak susah. Senang aja. What to do. Sini kan tak jual our kuih so kenalah buat sendiri. kalau kat M'sia senang beli saja from mak cik.

J.T. said...

Hello Gert

I got your link through Rita Ho. Really glad for it. I have been looking for a fairly easy Seri Muka recipe.

Thanks! I hope you don't mind my adding you to my blog roll.