Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival

On Tuesday 15th day of the 8th lunar month Chinese all around the world will be celebration Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival. This is the time where our family will gather around and have dinner and mooncakes and later in the evening my nieces and nephews will play with their lanterns. In my younger days I really looked forward to this festival where marks the start of unlimited mooncakes eating and lantern burning. I still remember my brothers used to make lanterns using Milo or condensed milk cans. Those were the days..... Now is all batteries-operated lanterns which comes in all kind of shape and cartoon characters.

Years ago there are only have 3 kinds of mooncakes like red beans paste with pumpkin seeds, lotus paste and mixed nuts. Now there are so many kinds in the market with flavour like chocolate, durian, green tea, lychee, strawberry and etc.

Being away from home for so many years I really missed our Malaysia Mooncakes. The one sold here are mostly from China and Hong Kong. I find it too sweet and taste funny. One of my favourite mooncakes is from Kam Lun Tai. Each year my sister-in-law will buy boxes and boxes of it to give away as gifts and in return we will received boxes and boxes of it too. I was so surprised yesterday when I saw UPS truck stopping in front of our house. I asked Carlos if he is expecting any package and he said 'no' and guess what. It is for me. I was so excited because is really heavy. What can it be........ta ta.... is from TOA The management and Tauke Ray sent me 2 boxes of Kam Lun Tai Mooncakes. Thanks you Ray for the wonderful gifts.

Now you can order our Malaysian mooncakes from TOA For all of you who like Malaysia Mooncakes do check out their website and beside mooncakes they have other products like Malaysian sauces and paste and snacks too. By the way their mooncakes is "Halal" so our Muslim friends can have it for berbuka puasa.

Now let me enjoy my mooncakes with my cup of Chineses tea and Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you especially to my family back home in Malaysia. Hope you guys remember me when you eat your mooncakes :)


Salt N Turmeric said...

teringat masa kat KL i almost everyday wud buy 1 fr yaohan, the mall. i tell u, balik gym mesti singgah beli. thts why instead of losing weight, i gained weight. :P

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, is the celebration next week? Do you have to decorate your house with lantern? Thanks for the mooncake. Murphy makan satu ketul habis terus. But just the egg yolk one. I would love to try the durian flavor. Emm..emmm must be yummy!

ICook4Fun said...

PJ, you suka mooncake jugak. Makan sekali sekala is ok. Bukan hari hari bakery jual mooncakes :) Only once a year.

Zue, I am surprised Murphy suka mooncake. Carlos tried one slice and that was it. Tak mahu lagi. Laki aku ni susah sikit. Very picky and not adventurous when come to try new food. Nanti I bagi Murphy some mooncakes with double egg yolk.

Cat Cat said...

I, too got the surprised gift from our dear friend. Blessed his heart.
Tengah lapar ini, will cut some and enjoy it after I post your comment. It's almost 11:00 pm, but who cares???? HEHEHE.

Beachlover said... like Mooncake??.I wish some Malaysian live near me,then I can kongsi with them.How can I finish 8 pcs??.My hubby like your hubby too.He took the box from UPS guy and ask me what is that.I explain that in Mooncake ,made from Lotus.Lotus!!he said..then just said No thanks,you enjoy yourself:(

JUN said...

Gert, happy mooncake festival 2 u..i pernah makan this once..long time ago...should go n find again nnti..

aiyah nonya said...

Your friend is so nice and thoughtful.
I am going to buy mooncakes today. Prefer mine with out the yokes.

Rita Ho said...

Gert ... Is Kum Lun Tai the shop at the end of Petaling Street? Their mooncakes were the most popular during my childhood. Like aiyah nonya, I like mine without egg yolks and the lotus paste must be firm-firm. Enjoy!

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, you like mooncakes? Robert and the girls makan tak?

Beachlover, I eat mooncakes but is not a must because is too sweet. Once a year ok lah. My hubby same like yours lah.. he said nice packaging and then tried one slice and that was it. Susahlah this orang putih :)

Jun, cepat pergi beli nanti semua jual habis :)

Nonya, I too prefer the plain tau sar and Lotus with kuaci like the one we used to eat when we were young.

Rita, we usually buy our Kam Lun Tai mooncakes at Petaling Street. They are the best. You too enjoy your trip to the Asian store this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Gert, Happy MCF ya. Why no UPS truck stopped at my front door ya???? Ha ha. My hubby likes 4 yolks moon cake, everybody thinks this is too much. OK, this weekend must go and buy atleast a pack, or my kids will forget where they came from.....

pearly said...

happy mooncake festival to you I have my mooncake on the day of brandon birthday my gurl friend bought me a tin I fast fast open it and like you
Enjoy it with my chinese tea heehe still got one more leave to wait on 25 of sept heheh.

p/s I have pass on a I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD to you but becos you have been miss action few day I guess when my post it .

ICook4Fun said...

Choy, come lah to my house. I can belanja you the mooncakes :)Wow, you hubby really like egg yolk yeah. Until 4 yolks in one mooncake.

Pearly, thank you so much for the award.