Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Apam Balik

There are so many names out there for this kueh. Some call it Ban Chien Kueh, some call it 'Tai Gau-Meen' but we called it 'Chin Loong Pau'. This will be the kueh that I asked my sisters to bring me each time they come for a visit. There are two version of it. One thin and cripsy and the other one is thick and spongy. I remember buying this kueh every week at our Subang Jaya SS15 pasar malam and we will usually order it first before we walk around the pasar malam and come back to pick it up when we are done. There is always a very long line for this kueh.

The filling is usually peanuts and sugar with a tiny dollop of butter but some might put sweet corn and coconut. Actually you can put any sweet fillings like red beans, sweet coconut, nutella, chocolate, kaya to your apam balik. I read somewhere that people even put cream cheese and minced meat to their Apam Balik. I wouldn't go that far :). I like mine the old fashion way. Nuts and sugar.

Ingredients for batter
(adapted from

200 grms of flour
2 tsp of baking powder
3/4 tsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of salt
50 grms of sugar
160 ml water
160 ml milk
1 egg
40 grms melted butter
1 1/8 tsp alkaline water (optional)

1 cups of toasted peanuts - grind coarsely
1/2 cup of sugar
some butter

1) In a large bowl add in all ingredients for batter. Mix ingredients well into smooth batter. Set aside in the fridge for 2 hours.
2) Heat up a non-stick pan and very lightly grease it with a bit of oil. Clean off any access oil with a paper towel.
3) Pour a ladle full of batter into the pan and swirl the pan is full cover with batter. Put more batter if you want a thicker pancake.
4) Sprinkle some peanuts, sugar and a few dollop of butter then put a cover over it.
5) Cook until the centre of the pancake is cooked and the edges brown.
6) Remove and fold into half.
7) Serve.

Note : I didn't put any alkaline water to my batter since I don't have it. I like my apam balik crispy so I cook it over medium heat and I don't even need to cover the pan when I cook it.


Kiersten said...

Gert, you're such a fantastic cook! When I do get to New York, I wanna eat some of your good cooking! :)

ICook4Fun said...

Pinky, thanks. You're are welcome to drop by anytime :)

Jun said...

heee Gert, no need to buy anymore la..

Retno Prihadana said...

We called this "martabak manis". I like it very much, also with chocolade, cheese, ground peanut, sweet condensed milk..yummmm!

Mulan said...

wallaaa... thanx for sharing the recipe. i miss apam balik so much. must try this weekend lah..!!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi I Cook, thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I think your blog is great I would love to exchange links with you, I have already added your link to my blog :) could you add me to yours? Can't wait to see more of your recipes. :)

Jeena xx

(Jeena's Kitchen)

pearly said...

oh gosh this my big time fev I havn't had it for long time I must keep this recipe you are so lovely .. I was thinking of this but I don't know how to make it now here you are Thank for sharing xxxxxx

Salt N Turmeric said...

omg! omg! this is so great gert. im s gonna try this one. but first, wht is alkaline water?

daveg said...

CLP was my absolute favorite treat when I first visited Rita over in Malaysia. We went to the various pasar malams during the week & always ordered a bunch of it. We always have to get some when we go back to visit, yum! She says she's going to make some over the weekend...woohoo! Thick & spongey is the best way.

Thanks for sharing the recipe as well as all the others (kueh is one of my new favorites, as well as your banana bread recipe).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another favorite kuih of mine. Will give it a try this afternoon without the baking powder. Wish me luck...

ICook4Fun said...

Jun, kat sini mana ada orang jual. Kenalah buat sendiri.

Retno, you pun suka ni :)

Mulan, thanks for dropping by.

Jeena,I already link you :) thanks for stopping by.

Pearly, hope you try this apam balik.

PJ, I am not really sure alkaline water in B.M. Maybe is air kapur or air abu. Maybe Jun can help. I didn't put any and it turn out ok.

David, thanks for the comment :)Hope you like this CLP.

Choy, do let me know how it turn out :)

Rita Ho said...

Alamak! My husband actually put in writing that I am going to make this over the weekend. Please don't switch off your cell phone, Gert. LOL! This is truly our favourite snack though.

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, no escape for you :) :)Call me anytime.

Beachlover said...

Gert..I wanna some apom balik!!The MAlaysia restaurant"Happy Family" I always buy the apom balik in Chinatown closed down.They make like the one you made,crispy and nipis.I saw this recipe in Kuali but Amy Teh version look very complicated.Your look simple.I'm going to try your recipe without akaline water(that Keong sui) right?..Thank you for sharing your version recipe!!

Cat Cat said...

Aaaah, I remember the CLP at pasar malam Subang Jaya SS15. I still remember the location, kinda in the middle of the pasar malam area (like a T section)...
When I saw your first picture, I thought you bought those CLP at chinatown... Woohoo, rupa2nya sendiri bikin kat rumah... You are so talented, Gert.

Jun said...

Cath...mane ade lagi dat pasar malam..hehehhee....they changed the place already..heeee. dah lama x pergi pasar malam laa...

Zue Murphy said...

nyum!nyum! Sedapnya apam balik you.

Anonymous said...

Gert, this weekend u orang free or not, we want to drop by to pick up some Apam Balik. :P

ICook4Fun said...

Beachlover, this one is pretty easy to make. You know I like simple recipe with not too many ingredients.

Cat, I too heard that the SS15 pasar malam sudah pindah somewhere else. Have to check with Sue where the pasar malam moved to.

Jun, pasar malam SS15 pindah ke mana? Nanti I balik I nak visit :)

Zue, you bila nak buat ni :)

Fan-C, this week and next week very busy lah :) maybe the follwing week.

Sue Sue said...

Your are so good and I realise you very pandai pikin kuih muih ya. Your Apam Balik look exactly those from pasar malam.

ICook4Fun said...

Sue, tak pandai lah. Can makan only. Here no choice have to make everything yourself. My next project is your angku kuih :)

Penny said...

I made this over the weekend, YUM!!!

ICook4Fun said...

Penny, glad you like it :)

Anonymous said...

do you need a special pan to make this? or any regular pan will do?

thanks =)

ICook4Fun said...

Anon, normally you need a special pan to make this in order to get it really crispy but I don't have it so I just used a normal non-stick frying pan.

Cosy Bake said...

you hv a wonderful blog there! I have been looking for a recipe for Apom balik, and has not seen one that 'suits' my eyes! haha... yours i definitely what I am looking for. Will give it a try.

Honey Boy