Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lang Poon/Chilled Savory Salad - Day 26

I have no clue how to name this dish in English so I just name it Chilled Savory Salad. If anyone of you have suitable name for this dish please let me know and I will change it. Anyway, I remember during the 70’s and the 80’s this dish is very popular but I don't think they serve this dish anymore. They are basically meat and seafood arrange in a bowl and then pour gelatin mixture over and let it set overnight. Restaurant used to serve this during wedding banquet or Chinese New Year.

I have some problem making this dish. The gelatin just refused to set after 6 hours. Finally I have to pour the stock out of the mould and start all over again with the extra stock. I added more gelatin powder to it and it set properly this time. This is not the first time I encounter problems using gelatin powder. I threw out a few jellies as it refused to set properly. That is why I prefer to work with agar agar powder. Anyway, this is what I used for this cold dish. There are no specific ingredients here but you can basically put anything you like in this cold dish.


1 piece chicken breast
10 shrimps – peel and deveined
2 dried shitake mushrooms – soak in water
2 tbsp green peas
1 tbsp corn kennels
3 cups chicken stock
1 1/2 tbsp gelatin powder
1 small red chili – optional – cut small
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut the mushrooms into small cubes. Heat up the stock in a saucepan and add in a bit of pepper.
2. Poached the chicken breast until it is cooked. Remove and shred it once it is cool.
3. Blanch the shrimps in the same stock for 1 minute. Do the same with mushrooms, green peas and corn kennels. Remove and set it aside.
4. Arrange the shredded chicken, shrimps, mushrooms, peas, corn kennels and chili into the mould and set it aside.
5. Remove the extra stock and leave about 1 1/4 cup in the saucepan. Mix the gelatin with a big of the stock and set it aside.
6. Bring the stock up to a boil and add in the soft gelatin. Mix thoroughly until the gelatin melts into the stock. Remove from heat. Check seasonings.
7. Pour the stock into the jelly moulds and let it set completely. Serve cold.

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suituapui said...

Looks good. Here, usually minus the jelly and served buried in mayo or salad cream. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Chinese people in VN used to do Suituapei's way but anyway I am glad to know there's another wersion of it .....


Anonymous said...

oops , I forgot to explain that VN is indeed Viêt nam


Miss B @ Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

Hi Gertrude

Are your referring to the cold dish that is served during chinese banquets, it usually consists of cold prawns, fried or grilled squids + jellyfish topped with mayo?

If so, this is a refreshing twist to this cold dish :)


Anonymous said...

You have a lot more patience than I have! Gelatin drives me nuts sometimes.

ann low said...

Gert, this 冷盘 looks very pretty and refreshing, I really love the colour :)

Linda said...

Usually served in Chinese dinner with mayo. Splendid dish, usually all "wipe out" by guest! This is a very special way to serve! lovely in cone! :) Great recipes, all your recipes really tempted everyone to buy the mould! :)

Anonymous said...

non oily dishes... very healthy... suitable for carbo diet since it was less carbo...

Lemuel Ong said...

Lang Poon? That's cantonese right? I can't believe I have never eaten this before. Can it do without the shrimps?

yummylittlecooks said...

I never eat this before,may be I was a kid that, but it looks great.

Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

This looks refreshing!

WendyinKK said...

Meats set in a jelly are called "aspic", is that what you are looking for?
BTw, drive safe and enjoy the breeze of SF.

ruxyn said...
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ruxyn said...

First time here :D The dish looks good! but sadly, I'm not a good cook. Gotta persuade my mum to try and make this :)

boo_licious said...

It is kinda like the chicken one I made that used to be served in the 1960s and 70s in Msian wedding dinners. Looks great and I love the pretty colours from the prawns and vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful to look at. I'm amazed that you make so much yummy food :-)

All the best,

Dee said...

Lang Poon cone dish, and it stays upright! That looks amazingly delicious.

K.Nor said...

best tu.. ada udang dn macam2 lagi.. :) guna gelatin aje ya.. boleh tegak lagi tu.. terror ! :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

ya ya, Remember 冷盘 served in wedding dinner last time, nowadays seldom see this in wedding dinner..Yours look refreshing and good.

sotong said...

i think it's called 'cold platter', something like that.

Shereen said...

Wow..very decadent and colourful.I know of cold dish or cold platter with sometjing like this but drenched with some kind of mayo but never seen with gelatine before..I must have been pretty young,huh...hahahaha.Safe journey and take care,Gert!

Anonymous said...

A very nice creation for summer.

B.Lee, NZ

Anonymous said...

It seems very unique! very original (to me anyway:P) and very colorful. Not being cheesy, but that`s EPIC!!!

Anonymous said...

You are very persistant not to give up when the gelatine didnt set. Looks great and reminds me of spring roll filling.Simon

mycookinghut said...

Looks awesome!

My Little Space said...

Wow, this sounds really cool. I have yet tried this one. Btw, hope you're all well & take care. I'm sure you're going to miss Carlos for a while.

hanushi said...

I can't bear to break this up to eat... This is an art itself! :)

lena said...

gert, over here restaurants still serve cold dish but not like what you mentioned, the one that used gelatine to set. I think i havnt eaten those. I do think this is really special making cold dish in a cone!

ICook4Fun said...

STP, I think I had that before at a wedding dinner.

NL, yea this version is very old :)

Miss B, no, this dish is a bit different. I don't think I ever see it serve in any restaurant nowadays.

Sarah, I don't really like to work with them either :)

Ann, thank you :)

Linda, I hope you go and get one so you can make all the yummy dish with it :)

Hunny, yes this is a very healthy dish.

Lemuel, yes it is in cantonese. Yes you can omit the shrimps and add any type of protein to it.

Yummylittlecooks, yea you are just a kid during that time. This dish is popular during the 70's.

Eileen, thanks.

Wendy, thank you. We are in SF now. I don't know but this dish in cantonese is called Lang Poon.

Ruxyn, thanks for stopping by. I hope your mom will make this for you :)

Boo_licious, yes this dish is similar to yours. I add shrimps to it.

Birthe, thank you.

Dee, I have to add more gelatin to it in order for them to set :(

K.Nor, banyak I pakai gelatin :)

Sonia, you remember!!! I don't don't see restaurant serving this dish anymore :(

Sotong, yea similar.

Shereen, I don't think you ever see this dish before. You are too young when they serve this dish :)

B.Lee, yes they are.

Justyn, thank you!

Simon, thank you!

Leemei, thanks.

Kristy, yes I am :(

Hanushi, :)

Lena, you might be too young to come across this dish in the 70's. Now you can guess how OLD I am :)

Anonymous said...

I remember this dish!!!! But I don't remember them being so colourful. Yours looks really pretty. Too pretty to eat. Great job Gert!