Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seafood In Creamy Tomato Sauce

Sometime I have problem thinking of what to cook for lunch or dinner. I am one person who doesn't like to eat the same kind of food everyday. I will usually look at the freezer and also my vegetables compartment and cracking up my brain to think of something new to cook from what I have in there. I had little leftovers of fish fillets, squid and shrimps in my freezer and I used the tomatoes from my garden and I came up with this quick and simple dish. You can cook this dish in less than 20 minutes.

Ingredients :

2 small pieces of fish fillets
a handful of shrimps - peel and deveined
a handful of squid - clean and cut to bite size pieces
5 medium size tomatoes - cut in chunks
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 lemon grass - smash it
Salt and pepper

For Paste

4 fresh red chillies
2 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
3 candlenuts (buah keras) or 5 cashew nuts
1" of ginger

1) Put all the paste ingredients in a blender and blend until fine and set aside.
2) Heat up a pan and put in about 2 tbsp of oil. Stir fry the blended paste until fragrant. Add in lemon grass, cut tomatoes and coconut milk. Bring it up to boil and and in all the seafood.
3) Cook for 5 mintues or until the seafood is done and the gravy thicken. If the dish is a bit too dry or you want more gravy add in extra coconut milk or water. Check seasoning.
4) Dish out and serve with warm rice.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great weeknight dish. I love seafood, so I'll have to try it sometime!

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a beautiful dish! The gravy is so good with rice.

Salt N Turmeric said...

sedapnya. looks a lil bit like assam pedas. iv gotta get some fish.

pearly said...

wooo must say it look so good , also look at the recipe is real fast and easy , I will pass this on to my hubby so he can do the cooking . :P
you are really a good cool cook , each time when I think of you it make me think if you have write a cook book , your book will be great one .
thank for pop over to visit me .

Jun said...

gert...i likeeee...simple my fav word..hehe, nampak sedap juga ma..just tried ur chicken recipe..yummy! tq

Cat Cat said...

I love seafood curry too... Sure taste really good with hot steamed rice, kan...??? Sotong tu beli kat mana, Gert? Chinatown?

Edith said...

oh gosh! really goes so well with warm rice.

Here is something for you. http://preciousmoments66.blogspot.com/2008/08/this-is-long-one.html

Anonymous said...


I love seafood esp fish..this curry sure goes very well with hot steamed rice..i think if can add "daun kelsom" would give a nice aroma???

- Kath

Beachlover said...

i want some lemak kari too!!..look so good!...now you make me want to cook kari ikan!!

Unknown said...

sooo divine! i can eat lots and lots of rice just with the gravy hehe

Charmaine said...

Delicious!! Another great recipe. Thank you!

ICook4Fun said...

Fearless Kitchen, thanks for stopping by.

LCOM, thank you.

Farina, this dish is a bit like asam pedas and kari kapitan :)

Pearly, thank you for your kind words and all your support :)

Jum, glad you like the chicken recipe :)

Cat, I beli the sotong from asian store. All clean and cut and all I have to do is just cook it.

Precious Moment, thank you so much for the award.

Kath, I don't have daun kesum if not I will put it into this dish too :)

Lesley, this dish is not very lemak but full of tomato flavor.

Rita, this dish really goes well with rice :)

Charming, thank you.

Bits said...

Hi, first time comment. Nice combination and indeed so creamy!

Beachlover said...

gert,hop over my kitchen to collect your award!!

Chibog in Chief said...

just like you i always have trouble of thinking what to cook. i have a hubby that's not only picky but also a big critic :-) but im sure once he sees this seafood tomato sauce recipe of yours, he'll beg me to make one LOL!! your photos make me drool

vanillasugarblog said...

Oh that sauce looks so tasty. This dish is right up my taste-alley for sure.
I just love your food blog--I'm new here. Definitely bookmark you for sure.

Jaya M said...

Gorgeous ! fish curry looks so delicious ,
hugs and smiles

ICook4Fun said...

Bit of taste, thanks for stopping by.

Lesley, thank you.

Dhanggit, my husband its a picky eater and won't eat anything unfamiliar. Hope your husband like this dish.

Dawn, thanks for topping by and for your support.

Jaya, thank you.