Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Braised Peanuts

When we went home last year we went to a nice dim sum place at Jalan Imbi and they served braised peanuts as snack as normally the Chinese restaurant will serve you salted peanuts or 'Keropok' . I really like their braised peanuts because is soft, sweet and salty. I got this recipe from 'Kuali' but I have to omit some of the ingredients since I don't have it. This dish is really good as snack or eats it with hot rice porridge.

Ingredients :
(adapted from Kuali)

200 grm of peanuts - soak overnight
2 piece of tong kwai
some orange peel
1 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp of chopped garlic


2 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
2 tsp of dark soy sauce
4 pcs of rock sugar
salt and pepper to taste
Enough water for braising

1) Rinse soak peanuts and drain well.
2) Combined all the above ingredients in a pot with some water and bring to boil.
3) Reduce the heat and continue to simmer until peanuts are soft. It might take 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
4) Serve peanuts warm or at room temperature.

Note : The peanuts will cook faster and softer if you use pressure-cooker for 30 min. I added some hard boil egg to the braised peanuts.


Cat Cat said...

There is a local market here in Richmond that selling boiled peanuts... They have the best boiled peanuts in town... I think I'm going to get some this weekend... I love boiled peanuts..

Gert, your braised peanuts looks good too... Did you cook the peanuts with pressure cooker?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gertrude,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Wah! I can imagine the smell of tong kwai, lovely. Will try a small portion first. Yours look very tempting. Next time, will belanja you tim sum when you're back. Diana Choo

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh I love these peanut dish, lovely, can get them in a jar made in taiwan! lol!

Kiersten said...

The eggs u added remind me of this dish, braised eggs with pork. I love that gravy especially with lots of star anise.

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, me too prefer boil peanuts than the roasted kind. No, I didn't have a pressure cooker so I have to cook it for 1 1/2 hours.

Diana, thank you. Yeah, we should go for dimsim when I am home :)

BBO, I heard they do sell this in a jar or can. Where can I buy it ?

Pinky, braised eggs and pork.. yum yum. My mom's signature dish :)

carriewly said...

hi, i have a question. i would like to try this recipe and was wondering if you peeled the peanuts before or after you boiled them?
thank you.

ICook4Fun said...

Carrie, I didn't peel the peanuts. I just boiled it as it is.

julie said...


I have been following your blog and loved all the dishes you post on here.

I cooked this braised peanuts over the weekend and put it up on my blog, i hope you don't mind. Thanks for recipe!

ICook4Fun said...

Julie, thank you and no I don't mind at all :)

Ivy said...

hi there.. u mentioned that you omitted something tat is not available and replaced it with something else.. can i know what have you changed? thanks

ICook4Fun said...

The recipe from Kuali have 2 g liquorice stick (kam chou) and 3g chuen koong (not sure what is it) in it. I just omit these ingredients and didn't replace it with anything else.