Friday, August 03, 2007

Simple Meal

There are days when I am just too lazy to cook. Since I have so many tomatoes from my little garden I decided to prepared something simple for dinner. Lucky Carlos is not a picky eater so he is fine with it. We just had tomatoes salad, bruschetta and cheese and crackers.

Some chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, grated cheese, balsamic vinegar, oilive oil, salt and pepper

Some cut tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper


Cat Cat said...

Your home-grown tomatoes so merah and juicy. I remember my mom used to make Tomatoes with prawn add some beaten eggs, simmer alittle before out of the wok - have you had that dishes before? I think it might be a Hakka food.

Beachlover said... so lucky.. your hubby can just eat tomato for dinner!!..mine will said "where is the meat??.I'm not rabbit!!.Your tomato look so juicyand healthy.How you grow your tomato??.I try to grow from the seed but it die on me after I transfer to the ground.

NorthBorneoGirl said...

simple meal is what I live for .. lucky my dearest is like yours 'not a picky eater' .. so I tend to make something similar ... or sometimes I make wrap .. or life is so simple then :-) btw .. you have greenfingers Gert! .. I can't grow nothing in my garden .. just weeds! :-(

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, the tomatoes gave me lots of tomatoes this year. Big and juice one. My mom too like to cook tomato with eggslah..not sure if is a hokkien dish or hakka dish. Maybe is just Malaysian chinese dish :)

Beachlover, I am lucky as Carlos very 'chin chai' when come to food. I grow the tomatoes in a huge container bought from Home Depot. I plant the tomatoes from small plants also bought from Home Depot. You should try it this way.

Ms Envy, I too like to make wrap. Just stir fry some chicken breast with peppers & onions and wrap it up. Is a meal on its own.

Sue Sue said...

Yer... I want some tomatoes. Tomatoes with egg soup... yummy makes me drooling.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Simple but healthy. The tomamtoes look so delicious.

ICook4Fun said...

Sue, the next time when you cook tomatoes and egg soup add in a bit of basil. Is yummy

Nonya, is really good in hot summer weaather. Very refreshing.

Salt N Turmeric said...

we both love brushetta esp fr olive garden. i tried making it once but it turned to be a bit too mushy. can u give me the full recipe pls?