Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shrimp and Chive (Ku Chai) Pancakes

The chives in my containers are growing like weed and I can’t eat them fast enough. Some of it has become too tough to eat so I have to cut and throw it away. I will usually add it into my fried noodles , dumplings , prawn fritters and make omelets with it. I remember my mom used to make this pancakes for us during the weekends and we used to eat it with chili sauce. She will usually add some dried shrimps to it but I used fresh shrimps since I don’t have any of it in my pantry. It is simple and easy yet so comforting. You can check out the other type of pancake which I made some time ago. Chive Pancake Rolls


1 cup flour
2 tbsp rice flour
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 egg
1 3/4 cups water (depend on how thick you like your batter to be)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp chicken granules
½ tsp pepper
1 tbsp vegetable oil
One small bunch of chives – cut small
10 shrimps – peel, deveined and chopped

1. Combined all the flour, salt, pepper, baking powder and chicken granules. Mix well. Add in the egg and slowly drizzle in the water. Mix well until it became a smooth batter. Set it aside to rest for 15 minutes.
2. Add in the oil, chives and shrimps. Mix well. Heat up a non-stick pan, brush it with some oil and put a ladle full of batter into the pan. Swirl the pan around and cook it over medium low heat until it is cook on one side.
3. Flip the pancake over and cook the other side until lightly brown. Remove the pancake and do the same to the rest of the batter.
4. Serve the pancakes with some chili sauce.

Note: If some of you are still having problems commenting at some blogs you might want to try this out. When it sends you to the Google Sign-in page, uncheck the little box below that asks if you want to stay signed-in. It works for me and now I am able to comment.

I am entering this post in the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday roundup, created and hosted by Sharon of Test with a Skewer and Suresh of 3 Hungry Tummies.


Jeannie said...

Testing....see if my comment goes through...these pancakes bring me back to the good old days where life is still simple and less pressure:)

Janine said...

Wow your pancakes look very thin and delicious! Just the thought of dipping them in chili sauce makes me salivate!

Ciana Carrie said...

Your ku chai pancakes look lovely! If you don't mind, I'd love to try your recipe one day, but can I omit the chicken granules (and replace it with soy granules) and eggs?

My Kitchen and Me said...

Your pancakes look absolutely divine!

Elin said...

Jo loves this and I make something like yours except I used dried shrimps :) Wow ... you planted your own chives! I am not successful in growing them. I don't have green fingers:(

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Gert, Thanks for sharing the solution, i going to try out now as my blog also having same problem. This is a type of pancake I like but not my kids who doesnt appreciate "ku chai".

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Gert, i just tested your suggested solution but it did not work for me, now my problem i even can't see my comment box! Anyway, I just google it and found the solution, change the comment form placement to "pop up window" instead of "embedded below page".Could you try to leave me a comment in my blog whether this work or not. Thanks.

WendyinKK said...

I tried commenting with IE on my hubby's laptop and it keeps on asking me to log in again and again, but on my laptop, no problems have ever surfaced.
There are many ways to consume kuchai in a large volume way. Like making Guangxi stuffed tofupok, cucur, or even making a quick soup with it. Or make Guotie. I wish I am your neighbour then I can help u finish up ur kuchai. Haha.

Anonymous said...


I live in NL and I think the temperature is about the same as Penn. But my kuchai is like my hair -- thin, thin, thin

can you tell me what is your secret? What kind of soil do you used?


Elaine said...

Hey, this is what my mother used to cook for us too when we were small- we eat these with Maggie sweet chili sauce. Our favourite tea time snack

ICook4Fun said...

Jeannie, yes this is so easy to make.

Janine, thanks.

Waverly, thank you. Yes you can just omit the chicken granules. If you omit the egg you pancake might not be as tender but you can always give it a try.

My Kitchen and Me, thanks

Elin. yes my herbs are growing very well. It will died during the winter and come back up again during spring. I don't have to do anything to it.

Sonia, sorry it didn't work for you. My is working alright.

Wendy, it is so weird. I can comment only is some blogs with my laptop. Wish I can give you some of my ku chai too.

Cindy, did you plant the wrong kind of chives? The English Chives are usually very thin. You have to get the seeds from the Asian store. No secret it planting it. A friend gave me some of the chives last year and I just plant it in a container and it grow and grow like wild. Died during the winter and came back up during spring.

Elaine, I ate this with lingham chili sauce :)

Amelia said...

your pancake looks so neat and thin, yum yum

Alice said...

hi Gert, thks for the info...
I had problem again with blogger yesterday and I tried ur advice, it worked!

Rosita Vargas said...

exquisitos panqueques se ven muy lindos y sabroso me encanyaron,cariños y abrazos.

shaz said...

Thanks for the great entry. Your container of chives provided a visual feast :) Love the green studded pancakes.

lena said...

hi gert, eat stir fry ku chai everyday, probably that will help to reduce the load that you have in your garden. haha! this is a nice twist to our usual sweet pancake..yeah, dried shrimps would be nice too!

Cheah said...

Love this. Haven't taken this for a long, long time. Think time to rejuvenate these pancakes. Thanks for your tip on comments. I've trouble with commenting on Zoe's blog, Bake for Happy Kids. Going to try out again with your suggestion.

My Little Space said...

Gert, sorry that I've missed this page. Btw, I have kuchai every now & then for free. My friends send in all kinds of green vegetables for free every week which without pesticide. I am darn lucky! I don't really like taking kuchai. According to the elderly, we're not encourage to over take kuchai. Kuchai is something like vigra! hehe... Beside of that, it's good for our lung. :o)
have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I love your website! I was interested in making the chive pancakes but in the directions it mentions baking powder? And I don't see that listed in the ingredients. Can you please clarify? Thanks for your time.