Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Savory Glutinous Rice/Chu Bee P'ng

Is the time of the year again. Malaysia will be celebrating her 53rd birthday end of this month. As usual Babe In City - KL is hosting a Virtual Merdeka Open House 2010 and team for this year is Food From Our Hearts . We were to cook a dish close to our hearts.

Being so far away from home makes me appreciates home cooked food even more. I used to take it for granted that I can easily eat the food at home or buy it outside. But since living here in the US I don’t have the luxury to do so. If I want something from home I have to cook it myself. In a way it is a good thing as I learned how to cook them myself.

Today I wanted to share with you my mom’s simple Savory Glutinous Rice. I remember on every festive season she will cook a big pot of her savory glutinous rice. She will wakes up as early as 5.00am to cook this dish besides other dishes. She likes doing that as this way nobody gets in her way in the kitchen and she can cook in peace. We used to get upset with her as we will smell the fried garlic and shallots all the way to our upstairs rooms where else we still wanted to continue our beauty sleep. But now I wish I can have that smell to wakes me up in the morning here. This dish has both a sentimental and comfort  to it that will always reminds me of home and my mom.


500 grm glutinous rice
6 shallots, thinly sliced
3 cloves garlic – finely chopped
1 piece chicken breast – sliced thinly
10 dried mushroom, soaked till soft, drained and thinly sliced
6 dried scallops, soaked till soft then drained and shredded
1 Chinese sausage - remove casing and diced small (optional)
3 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sugar
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 cup water

For garnish

Some fried shallots
some roasted peanuts
some small diced green onions

1. Soak the glutinous rice in water for at least 2 hours. Drain and set aside.
2. Heat up the wok, add in some olive oil and fry the shallots until golden brown. Remove for garnish later. Add in the chopped garlic and stir-fry until fragrant.
3. Add in the meat, chinese sausage,mushroom and scallops and stir-fry for five minutes.Add light soya sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, sugar, salt and pepper. Mix well. Add glutinous rice and stir-fry for few minutes.
5. Add in the water, mix well and cook the rice for two minutes.
6. Transfer the rice into a steaming pan and steam the rice for 40 minutes. Stir rice every 20mins, sprinkle some water if necessary. Steam until the rice is cooked.
7. Remove the rice from the steamer and top with fried shallots, roasted peanuts and some spring onions.

Note: For best results, steaming is recommended so that the rice doesn't get mushy.


Pei-Lin said...

Hey, Gert! Thank you for sharing yours! I know it does make you feel homesick, doesn't it? I can empathize with you on that as I'd been thru that myself when I was away from home in Minnesota for 3 years. But then, I think it's human nature ... We take things for granted for they're around; we'll only cherish them when they're gone ... *Sigh*

Hey, this looks Cantonese! Or Hakka!? I love this dish but I dare not eat a lot because glutinous rice is ... too filling ... HAHA! You're very excited about your sos pekat karamel leh ... LOL!

busygran said...

Anything very chinese, I never have a chance to make most of the time. I love this dish. I have to buy when I want to eat it. BUT nothing compared to what you have done. Yum!

Bakericious said...

my family love this dish, too bad my husband having stomach upset recently if not this dish is just nice for him :). Looks really yummy!

WendyinKK said...

I love "Loh Mai Fan".
Wah, your mom made this with scallops too??? Wah so nice lor.

I can eat a few bowls of this and I'm lucky to have a tummy that can take glutinous rice well.

My Little Space said...

Ooo... you missed home & your mom! My mom never cooked these kind of stuffs back home. The only thing she knows are some simple Chinese cooking. I love glutinous rice but my tummy will go upset if I ate too much. My kids love it too. Yours look very filling and packed with all the yummy stuffs. Thanks for sharing.
Cheers, kristy

Pete said...

Sure looks tasty but I can't eat much glutinous digestion slowing down liao.....LOL!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

This is one of my favorite dish too! And just like you, my mum's version taste the best. Thanks for sharing your mum's recipe, will try it our one of these days.

Cheah said...

I love this 'loh mai fan' but I can't take more because of indigestion. The Mun Choong restaurant in Ipoh is famous for their signature dish of 'loh mai fan'. It's real soft and tasty!

Babe_KL said...

My mom's loh mai farn is my fave too! I guess all mothers are the greatest cook in the entire universe :D

Thanks for participating ;-)

mycookinghut said...

Chu bee png... very sedap!! Ohhh, so that is the dark soya sauce huh??

tigerfish said...

I like Chu Bee Png too. So fragrant esp with fried shallots in it.

mysimplefood said...

I love glutinous rice!! I can eat and eat. Just wish it didn't give me indigestion when I ate too much. Still love it anyway!

Lisa Ho said...

lovely... and love pulut... eventhough it'll make me sleepy after eating.. :)

Yummy Bakes said...

I like this very much. Is it difficult? I must find time to do this.

MaryMoh said...

Love this. Must be along time I have not eaten this. I can't eat too much but I'm sure I can handle a small bowl :D

Elin said...

Gert...this looks great. I have not cook this for a long time liow. Yours must taste delish with all the scallops. Oh btw...this thick caramel sauce it the same as our local thick soy sauce ?

Kitchen Corner said...

I bet this glutinous rice must be very tasty as you've added the scallops in it. I shall add some scallops into my glutinous rice next time. Thanks for sharing!

Shereen said...

You make me feel very melancholy with this post.I felt like I am reading about myself.My late mom also cook this dish very well.We nyonya call it Pulut Asin.It will be her 4th anniversary tomorrow since the day she left us.

ICook4Fun said...

Pei-lin, yea in put my sos pekat in everything i cook now ha ha..

Busygran, how come? Don't you family eat Chinese food?

Jess, cook for him when he is well.

Wendy, since I don't have dried shrimp so I added some dried scallops. Smell the same ha ha..

Kristy, yes mom cooking is the best. You are right. I can't take too much of it either. It will give me indigestion.

Pete, ha ha..

Bee Bee, you are welcome.

ICook4Fun said...

Cheah, many people told me about all the nice food in Ipoh. I have to visit there one day.

Babe-KL, yes they are. Thanks for doing this again.

Leemei, yea. This is the dark soy sauce. Can you get it there?

Tigerfish, yes there are good :)

Mysimplefood, don't eat it too late in the evening as it take time to digest.

Ho Ho Ho, I guess this rice is too starchy that is why we all get sleepy after eating it :)

Yummy Koh, it is easy to cook this. Stir fry everything and steam it.

Mary Moh, yea this meal is heavy.

ICook4Fun said...

Elin, yes is the same thick soy sauce from Malaysia.

Grace, yes it is. A nice change from the usual dried shrimps.

Shereen, yes certain homey dishes makes us think of our love ones. Try cooking this tomorrow to remember her. At least you learn a lot of cooking from her and your sisters.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of glutinous rice.

ReeseKitchen said...

I miss my mum's "loh-mei-fan" too. I've tried to cook few times myself, but somehow it was still not the same taste as my mum's. Funny horr, even its the same recipe..;p

Juliana said...

Yummie, I love everything with glutinous rice...yours look absolutely delicious...

mycookinghut said...

I will check out if I could find this this caramel sauce.. I saw the other brand that pig's pig's corner used.. it's called Cheung Chan.. from Malaysia too..

Big Eater said...

Thank you for this recipe. I will try it someday. Wish I could find a place that sold this in KL though.

Miss B @ Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

Hi Gert

I just tried your recipe. It is very authentic, tastes like my mum's recipe. Thank you so much!

bee @EEWIF

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am so excited to stumble across your web site. My desire is to learn how to cook good, quality, authentic food. I do believe I'll be asking some questions along. Thanks for al the obvious effort you put into this blog. Be chatting at you very soon. My first dish will the Honey Sesame chicken. Wish me luck!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Please recommend the type of sticky rice that is best to cook this Savory Glutinous Rice. Should I get the short or the long type.

Much appreciated and thank you.


ICook4Fun said...

Hi Gin, it will e better to use the long grain kind.

Anonymous said...

I made this last evening, it was so good. Please thank your mom and thank you for posting her recipe.