Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tri-color Marble Cake

I just love making marble cake. I always experimenting the marbling effect and I think this design is what I like the most. This cake is soft, moist, and most importantly, fun to make. This pretty cake is suitable for an afternoon tea with families and friends.

Ingredients :

226 grm soft butter (2 sticks)
220 grm sugar
6 eggs
260 grm flour
4 tbsp of milk
1 tsp of baking powder
¼ tsp salt
Food coloring – pink and green
Flavoring – mint/pandan, strawberry and Vanilla

1. Prepared a round 6
8" baking pan. Line the bottom with parchment paper and greased with some butter. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in eggs one at a time and beat until well combined.
2. Sift flour with baking powder and salt. Slow down the speed of the mixer and slowly add in the flour. Lastly add in the milk.
3. Divide batter into 3 portions. Add one portion with mint or pandan flavor and add a few drop of green coloring. In another portion add a few drop of strawberry flavor and some pink coloring. The last portion just leave it plain and add a few drop of vanilla to it. Stir well.
4. The most important part is assembling the batter in the baking pan. Drop about 3 tbsp of the better to the middle of the baking pan. Follow by the other color batter on top of each other. Proceed to do the same to the rest of the batter. Do not stir, swirl or shake the pan. The batter will spread on it own.
5. Bake the cake in a pre-heated 350 degree F oven for an hour or until golden brown. Stand cake 10 mins. in pan then tun onto wire rack to cool.


Bethie said...

I love it. It is so beautiful.

maybelles mom said...

looks great.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

very nice color and effect.

Kitchen Corner said...

That's is beautiful cake! It's amazing!

TINTIN said...

My daughter sure love this...just like she love the kuih lapis. The marble layer look so perfect, beautiful!

Yee said...

wow..what a great effect! that's so clever how you did that. just lovely.

ummi said...

Hai Gert dearest, how are you? The cake looks so yummy..a very nice colour combination for the marble...Love to try it out.. :D

Charmaine said...

The clours are beautiful. Going to try it this weekend.

Li Shan said...

Wow.. ur tri-marble is so colourful and tempting as well.. ALso you r so creative to come out with this nice colour combination. Made me wan to grab a bit of ur cake. ha ha.. SImply very lovely..

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

love your marble effect!! i make some marble effect on chiffon cake but tak jadi:( Hmmm ..need your kungfu:P

petite nyonya said...

the colors and wavy patterns are so pretty!

Elin Chia said...

Hi Gert,
Not only its fun but it is attractive too...haha but I can never be able to make such nice swirls :(

Anonymous said...


Can I know what size pan/tray do you bake this cake with? Thx.


ICook4Fun said...

Bethie, Maybelles, Sonia, thank you.

Kitchen Corner, I too like all your cakes especially the marble chiffon cake. I am going to bake that soon :)

Tintin, yea similar to kuih lapis but I think this is easier :)

Yee, thank you.

Ummi, kabar baik. Ummi pulak apa kabar? Hope you like this cake as much as I do :)

Charmaine, look forward to see it at your blog :)

Li-shan, thanks for stopping by and your kind words :)

Beachlover, don't worry about the effect as long as the cake taste good. I am sure you will get it after a few try.

Nyonya, thank you.

Elin, thank you. Yea sometime I do some kind of marbling I will be so anxious to cut into the cake to see how it turn out. It was fun :)

Evelyn, I used a 8" round pan.

Aimei said...

This is lovely. Thanks for teaching how to make such swirly effect.

I've passed you an award. Check it out at my blog. ;)

Rachel Hei said...

I like the colour and the effect.. ^_^ looks yummy,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe. Pasti enak. Will try to make it.

Mima's Oven said...

Hi Gert, Nice layering effect...anyway, I've just nominated you with a "Kreativ Award" please check it out at my blog...thank you! :)

Laura said...

I'm confused. How did it go around if there's only 3 tbsp at a time. Is it 3 tbsp all the way around the cake pan?
The cake is amazing. I showed it to my teenage daugther and she thinks it is EPIC! :)

ICook4Fun said...

Aimei, thanks for the award.

Rachel, thank you.

Anon, hope you like it.

Mima, thank for the award.

Laura, when you put 3 tbsp of batter at the middle of the pan and then top it with another 3 tbsp of other colors, the batter will spread on its own all the way to the side of the pan by the time you finish with all the batter. Check out note 4.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Simply lovely, love the colors marbling effect! This is just a normal butter cake recipe right?

Dori said...

That is a great looking cake that I will have to try... The color variations are endless, great idea :)

alinalan said...

Hai dear.. do u know where i can find Edamame in KL?

ICook4Fun said...

LCOM, thank you. yea is basically a butter cake :)

Meeso, thank you.

Momma Mia, you can get Edammame at Isetan supermarket and your might even find it at Jaya Jusco.

MamaFaMi said...

Your marble effect is so jelitalah Gert!

Noob Cook said...

That is so cute and pretty. I think it takes a lot of skills to pull it off ^^

Mommychubby said...


About milk,do you use powder or liquid? Thanks

isabelle said...

Your marble effect is so beautiful, great job!

mycookinghut said...

Very colourful!!!

oneordinaryday said...

So pretty. Nicely done!

Jun said...

Gert..m going to bake this today? hehehe...

Anonymous said...

when you say flour, do you mean plain flour?? or self raising flour?

ICook4Fun said...

Mamafami, thank you.

Noobcook, actually is not that difficult :)

Mommychubby, whatever milk that I used in the recipes here are just ordinary milk unless indicated.

Isabelle, thank you.

Leemei, colorful indeed :)

Oneordinaryday, thank you.

Jun, nanti post kat blog yea :)

Christine, thank for stopping by and your kind comment. I am sure yours will turn out as good too. Happy baking.

Anon, all the flour stated in the recipes here are plain flour unless indicated.

Olivia said...

wow beautiful cake. So tempted to try the recipe... will link you when I posted it on my blog. Thank you for the wonderful recipe.


Christelle said...

Never thought of making a tri marble (probably because of the extra work, but it looks very impressive! :)

ICook4Fun said...

Olivia, you are welcome. Hope you like the cake.

Christelle, thank you.

Luatica said...

I just tried to make one of those.

The layering happens because the layers push each other.

I didn't find any food coloring, so I used raspberries and green tea for my layers. Use raspberries instead of milk for the pink layers, then I was going to add the proportional milk to the other two layers, but I forgot, so those layers werea heavier than the others so my pink was barely noticeable. Also it was like a depresing version of this cake. Still, i think it is cool.

I try to convince myself that making mistakes is how you learn why you make certain things in a certain way so it is worth it, plus taste wise is ok.

A pic so you can laugh a bit http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3249571&l=4dd8421912&id=761150907
(no need to login or having a facebook user)

Also my sister used all the baking powder without telling me so I did a weird substitution with baking soda. It grew and no weird flavors so I guess it was ok if you consider how many weird things I've done.

Pari Vasisht said...

Hi! You have a nice blog. Thanks for peeping into my blog.

ICook4Fun said...

Lucia, thank you for your update on your cake.

Pari, thanks for stopping by :)

Apron Appeal said...

What other marbling effects have you played with? I'm going to try this one out today.

Anonymous said...

Cake looks amazing! Sorry but is it 3tbsn of each batter on top of each other everytime or just 3 of the best then one each of the others?

ICook4Fun said...

Yes 3 tbsp of each color.