Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kuih Ketayap/Crepes with Coconut Filling

This is, without a doubt, one my very favorite kuih. A soft green crepe roll that has caramelized coconut filling in it. This is one of the very first kuih (cake) I’ve learned to make during home science class. I remember my partner and I had to pound the pandan (screwpine/pandanus) leaves to make the green coloring for the batter and trying very hard to make a perfect piece of crepe as years ago we don’t have a non-stick pan.

Most of us don’t make this kuih anymore as it’s so easily available at most food courts and also from the street stalls during the morning and evenings in Malaysia but here in US we don’t have the luxury to go out and buy some so whatever we want to eat we have to make it. I prepared a whole lot of these for a pot luck BBQ party last weekend and lucky Diana is there to help me out. It turns out really good and well received by my friends.

Ingredients for crepes

1 cup of flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 cup of water
1 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of oil
1 tsp of pandan paste

Ingredients for filling:

2 cups of grated coconut
1 piece of palm sugar (about ½ cup) – roughly chopped
¼ cup of water
A pinch of salt

1. To make the filling, in a pan combined water and palm sugar and bring it up to boil. Once sugar melted add in the grated coconut. Once the coconut is moist and shiny and all the water is absorbed, take it off the stove and set it aside to cool.
2. For the crepe, mix all the ingredients until the batter is smooth. Heat up a non-stick pan, brush the pan with a bit of oil, pour some batter to the pan and swirl the pan around so that the batter completely covers the base.
3. Cook the crepe until you see the side is lightly brown and crispy. Flip it over and cook the other side for about 20 second. Remove from pan.
4. Put some filing on the pancake and roll it up like a spring roll. Serve as dessert or for tea time.

Note: You can replace the palm sugar with brown sugar.


Cat Cat said...

The last picture makes my mouth watering... Very nice color of green with the coconut fillings. YUM!

Unknown said...

wow...it's so beautifully wrapped and the green color is so nice. Actually...this is one of my favorite kuih tat I miss when I moved to States....thanks so much for sharing your recipe and will try it soon!!!

Angie said...

Hey, I've just made this kuih yesterday. I call them Kuih dadar. Lovely kuih, isn't it?

smarthousewife said...

I never saw this dessert before. The green color really represents spring season, and this wonderful food brightens this delight season.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is my favourite dessert, I will print this recipe out! thanks babe!:)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Wah, this is my daughter favorite, she has been asking for it, will prepare for her soon.

coffeesncookies said...

you are really good eh... btw, how do you manage to get your supplies at PA? coconuts ? pandan juice ?

Bakeling said...

This is one of my favourite malay kuih. I will buy from the malay stall unless they have this or else I won't buy any .

Family First said...

I am so used to seeing the KL version that yours seems so "clean" using the non-stick pans - ha! ha!

ummi said...

Hello Gert, so rajin la u niiii..I've never made this coz my family is not a big fan of kuih ketayap laaa.. :D, Have a nice day!!

Christelle said...

Oh they look scrumptions, I've never made anything like this, I think it's time to start!!

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, thank you.

Sally, we don't have the luxury to go out and buy some so I guess we have to make it when you crave for it :)

Angie, it's really good. I can't wait to see your posting at your blog.

Smarthousewife, thanks for stopping by. This is a very famous kuih from SEA.

BBO, are you sure you want to make this. It's easier to just go out and buy some since it's so easily available in KL.

Emile, we love our kuih, don't we :)

Coffeeandcookies, we are able to get frozen pandan and pandan paste easily here. Same goes to coconut.

Bakeling, yea those mak cik's make the best kuih :)

Family first, for the smooth skin the fire need to be low and slow and also non-stick pan helps a lot too :)

Ummi, apa nak buat. Kat sini kalau nak makan kuih kuih macam ni kena buat sendiri :)

Christelle, this is easy to make and you can change the filling to fruits, chocolate, custard etc...

mycookinghut said...

Sedaplah kuih ketayap!! I remember my mom bought it for my breakfast to school when I was a kid!

chocolatecup said...

i loveeee kueh dar dar!that's the name i know this byyy:)

MamaFaMi said...

Hi Gert,
Wah your kuih ketayap punya kulit tu soooo licin la... guna krim apa ye? Fair and lovely? Ahaks... just joking my dear! Mama kalau buat, I like to make it into so many colors. Bila serve, nampak colorful. I just love colors!

indosungod said...

Who can resist those beauties? Looks beautiful and with the coconut filling I can imagine the taste.

RAY said...

hi Gert,

Thanks for the kuih for Ray's farwell party. It's really gd. We are able to get it over here in new york from a malaysia restaurant. oh, they make 'ang ku' too. Let me know if u r comin over to NYC. I'll bring u & carlos there.

Valerie K said...

Gert, thanks for the kueh dar dar recipe! I love all kinds of kuehs but hard to find in the US! I love kueh lapis the triangular rice cake with coconut and gula melaka. So yummy.

Can I substitute gula melaka with brown sugar??

ICook4Fun said...

Leemei, being a Malaysian we just love our kuih :) :)

Chocolatecup, another name for this kuih is kuih dadar.

Mamafami, how I wish muka I selicin kuih ni :) :) Great idea to make it in another color. Will do that the next time I buat ni lagi.

Indosungod, this is really good. You should try it :)

Ray, I bought some kuih from Manhattan Chinatown before and they were pretty good. I will be going to NY only June so might drop by there to get some. Any chance of you coming back to PA before your trip home?

Valerie, you can use brown sugar for the filling.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yeah, this takes a lot of work. So, you won't be seeing me making this kuih. :P Really, very smooth looking.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, i ni dari sehari ke sehari plan nak buat ketayap tapi tak jugak buat2. tengok ketayap u ni terliur i!

Anonymous said...

Gert, kuih ketayap is my childhood favourite lor...during secondary school, I took homescience subject so kuih ketayap is one the kuih that I made...oh those were the days!

Anonymous said...

oop sorry forgot to leave my name in my comment above.

- Kath

My Asian Kitchen said...

your kuih look so pretty with my favourite green color!! I guess your "friends " must love this kuih so do I:P Lucky them! btw,I see you water mark your photos:-

Elin Chia said...

I can never make kuih ketayap as nice as yours. Ya, I remembered we learned to make those kuih during our home science class those days and how thrilled we were then, our first piece of kuih made by ourselves! I don't make them now coz I am not good at making crepe..:)

Raymond Tan said...

wahahaha....hey Gert, i think u mistaken me for Ray the founder of mybuddies.net. Im oso Ray but im from New York. Im David Chee's friend. we met at the farwell party, remember? think harder. hehe..I found ur site on mybuddies.net.

hi Gert,

Thanks for the kuih for Ray's farwell party. It's really gd. We are able to get it over here in new york from a malaysia restaurant. oh, they make 'ang ku' too. Let me know if u r comin over to NYC. I'll bring u & carlos there.

Yatie_T said...

this is my fav too... your ketayap looks so cantik lah. Kulit licin, satu lubang pun tak ada.

ICook4Fun said...

LCOM, actually it was not so bad once you get the hang of it :)

Farina, buatlah some for yourself and Michael. Pretty easy and not too many ingredients.

Kath, yea those were the days. Man, that was a long long time ago.

Lesley, I am going to try to put water mark on some of my pictures. Just found out some unethical people just took my pictures and put it in their blogs and they even have the cheek to put watermark on those pictures as theirs. I am really fed-up with it :(

Elin, to get a smooth skin, the fire need to be low and slow and also a non-stick pan helps too :)

Raymond, of course I remember you. So sorry for the mistake. Never thought to find you here at my blog. Will definitely look for you the next time we go to N.York and we can go makan makan and buy some kuih :) :)

Yatie, thank you. How are you and Josh doing. Lama tak nampak?

Anonymous said...

Oh i stumbled upon your blog not too long ago, been coming back ever since ! love your recipes! i wish i could get some pandan to make this ! :(



ul said...

can i use dry grated coconut? tak jumpa kelapa la kat japan ni..

Tim said...

The colour is beautiful! Nice work :)

kit wong said...

i bumped into your blog and had tried out your crepe pancake,. it was so yummy and easy receipe to follow. my indonesian helper was so happy to eat such authentatic kueh. thanks for sharing such yummy receipe.

ICook4Fun said...

Ann, where are you staying? Can you get frozen pandan leaves or pandan paste at your place?

UL, since you can't find fresh grated coconut in Japan I guess you can use the dry coconut but you might need to add more water to it when you cook the inti.

Tim, thank you.

Laura, thanks for you kind comment. Glad you like this recipe. Hope to see you often here :)

*kaaat..meowwww* said...

yum! a local yumcha place used the same skin and filled it with fresh cream and strawberries and named it 'strawberry pancakes' haha.

btw i love your blog! =]

Siobhán said...

Oh wow! these look amazing! I don't know where I'd find pandan paste in Ireland though... I'd love to make kueh, I haven't had it in years!!

ICook4Fun said...

Kaaat, I will be good with fresh fruits.

Siobhan, not sure where you can find pandan paste in Ireland. If there is Thai or Vietnamese grocery store you might want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gert
How r u? Am Sharon. This few mths, we hv been doing a lot of travelling. Hv been away fr home for almost 3 weeks now on a show cluster in Texas. Now in Houston. Kindda bored, so started browsing ur site. Ur kuih ketayap looks delicious. I guess ur pics bring back lots of 'school cooking' memories to many of us. Wish I could hv some now :-(. Will check out the Chinatown market 2moro hoping to pick up something from home. You hv a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gert ,
I found frozen pandan leaves in one of the Asian store. (1)To make a paste does this frozen leaves work.(2)The recipes with pandan leaves in your blog can i use frozen pandan leaves.Does make any difference in the taste for not using fresh leaves?

ICook4Fun said...

Sharon, I am well. How about you? Thanks for your kind comment.

Amaya, fresh leaves always taste better. I will try to used the frozen pandan leaves if I have some. As for the paste it's concentrated and you just need a drop or two and it will gives a green color to whatever you are making. If you like using fresh pandan leaves for this dessert you can always blend the leaves with the the 1 cup of water from the batter. Hope this help.

Katy ~ said...

This looks elegant and delicious! Well done!!

Unknown said...

This recipe helps. Am gonna try it out. Thanks : )

Karp @ Easy Crepe Recipe said...

Where can I buy pandan paste in UK? I am making assumption, that crepes become green because of pandan paste, right?

Green crepes look amazing!

ICook4Fun said...

Karp, yes, pandan paste will give you the green color. I am not sure where you can get it in UK but you are able to get it from Amazon

Diomede said...


Thank you very much for sharing this, it is an excellent recipe!!
I was just wandering about the size of the cups you are talking about in the article, are they coffee cups? espresso cup, what is the size of them?

Thank you very much for you answer!


ICook4Fun said...

You have to use the baking measureing cups. It comes in a set with 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup.

Cyd said...

Hi there,

Just would like to let you know that I tried out few blog's kuih ketayap recipes and yours the best recipe especially for the crepes!
I am looking fwd to try more of the recipe you share! Thanks for your sharing... definitely a blessing for those Malaysian that away from the country! :)