Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steamed Chicken with Mushroom and Black Fungus

I wanted to recreate this dish that my mom used to cook for us. I am not sure what exactly she put into it but I remember there were chicken, mushrooms and ginger. I can’t call to ask her as it was very early morning there in Malaysia when I wanted to cook this. This dish is easy to make, just marinate everything together and steam it. Although it is not exactly taste like how she made it but nevertheless it taste delicious and it goes well with rice. I have to remember to ask my mom about this dish the next time I talk to her.


Half of free range chicken – cut into bite pieces
1” ginger – julienned
4 dried shitake mushrooms – dehydrated, stalk removed and sliced
1 piece of black fungus, dehydrated and sliced thinly
2 tbsp dried wolfberries berries
6 red dates – removed seeds


1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp of light soy sauce
3 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp of sesame oil
1 tsp cornstarch
Salt and pepper to taste

For garnish:

Some spring onions

1. Place chicken, mushroom, black fungus and ginger in a heat proof bowl. Add in all the seasonings and mix well. Allow it to marinate for half an hour.
2. Prepare the steamer and bring the water up to a rapid boil. Sprinkle the wolfberries and red dates on top. Steam the chicken over high heat for 15-20 minutes, making sure it is thoroughly cooked.
3. Remove from steamer and sprinkle on spring onions before serving.


Shereen said...

Oh goodness me!I can't keep up with!I only managed to make the pomelo salad yesterday... Without the pomelo, of course... Sigh!I'm making the miso salmon as I'm typing this and now I see you posting this nice chicken dish!So little time but so many things I want to cook and eat.. Lol!

Anonymous said...

My family had this dish often at home. We put black mushroom slice, fungus,dried lily buds, ginger shreded,green onion.

The wolfenberry we do not add in it.


Linda Ong said...

I love this dish, easy and healthy.... But never add
Wolf berries and red dates, will try out the next time.


MeRy said...

I like to cook this dishes...easy n taste yummy. said...

The taste of mushroom really had me excited in trying this dish. Can't stop drooling over your delicious post. Yumyum! =)

Unknown said...

I had this wuite often in my house. We even add in black fungus!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

I like this dish! But I usually stir fry it with dark sauce sauce instead of steaming. I think I will try steaming next time, thanks Gert! ;)

Anonymous said...

perhaps it's
1) those dried mushrooms stalks tied in a knot - often found in luo hon zhai

2) fresh enoki mushrooms

3) dang guei herb

Wendy said...

This looks like the one my family prepares but we put a lot of Chinese white wine in it.

My Asian Kitchen said...

hmmm..yummy!!my mom also like to cook this dish.oh I mean steam..some ppls add lily you make me want to steam this with slated fish!! lol!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

we love this simple steam chicken too, yummy!

My Little Space said...

This is a very homey dish. So, Carlos like it or not? haha....

ICook4Fun said...

Shereen, ha ha never mind you can cook this next week.

Erica, the next time I make this I will add dried lily buds.

Linda, the red dates and wolfberries add a bit of sweetness to it.

Mery, yea.

Raquel, hope you like it.

アンゼエリン, yea the fungus give this dish a bit of crunch.

Bee Bee, I am too lazy to do this. Just mix everything and steam it :)

ICook4Fun said...

Anon, thanks.

Wendy, I didn't add too much wine to it.

Lesley, adding salted fish sounds good too.

Sonia, me too :)

Kristy, just a bit of it.

Pynk said...


What can I use instead of the chinese white wine?

ICook4Fun said...

Pynk, you can replace it with some sherry. If you don't have it you can just omit it.

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

I grew up eating dishes like this - you can vary it slightly, just had shredded soaked chinese mushrooms and sliced red dates; with baby black fungus, red dates and dried lily bulbs, or like I had it after the birth of my son, with crunchy black fungus, lots of ginger shreds and red dates. Any way is delicious!
The seasonings sound what my mum would put in - probably not the chinese wine though. :)