Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hayward Farmers Market.

I am taking a break from food posting today. My camera went kaput on me so I have to send it to Canon for repairs. I am not sure when I can get it back from them. So from now on most of the pictures I took will be from my good old point and shoot camera.

What I like about living in California is the weather. It is always sunny even though the temperature can get quite chilling during the winter. When the weather is nice we like spending time outdoor. One of the things we like to do is visit the farmers market. Most of the vendors bring in the produce from their farms every weekend. I know their prices can be a bit more expensive compare to the supermarket but we like to support our local farms and small businesses and most of the vendors take great pride in bringing you their best quality produce. We like to stock up on weekly necessities like veggies, fruits, eggs, bread but most of the time we end up buying other things like flowers, pastries, olives, homemade pasta, olives and puffy bags of kettle corn. It is still winter so we don’t see much fruits yet especially the berries. I can’t wait for spring where fruits and berries are abundance. Here are some pictures I took to share it with you.

Our favorite is the pre-washed baby spinach for our salad.

We can get a lot of Asian vegetbles here like bak choy, pea shoots, choy sum and even lemongrass.

Little Taro

Yellow Beets

Blood Oranges


Shereen said...

I love Farmer's market too,Gert.Too bad S has to fly almost every other weekend, so no chance to go for quite awhile already.I hope this coming Sunday he might be able to bring me to stock up on my chillies and sausages..hehehe.

Charmaine said...

Love farmer markets. Alwys interesting to chat with the grower abt their produce n what's in season. Those orchids are beautiful. Strawberries look huge too

Jeannie said...

Everything look so nice and the markets there definitely look so much better than those found here.

Mat Gebu said...

Hi gert....bessss nyaaa...takpe u post entri macam ni pun i suka.. ^__^

WendyinKK said...

I have never tasted blood oranges yet. I hope so one day.
BTW, those red stemmed vege, is it kale?
And the lemongrass... wah, the stalk so long hoh, ours here after 6 inches cucuk cucuk keluar the leaves oredi.

Elin said...

Farmer's Market or rather Pasar Tani as we called them over here...I aso love to go there on every saturday...lots of things to see and buy :) Hope you will get back your camera soon for we miss your cooking and baking :)

eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

The strawberries look so attractive

ann low said...

I love to visit Farmer's market when I was in the States last time. Hopefully I can be there soon.

ICook4Fun said...

Shereen, Farmers market here open only on Saturday and each area with have one. This weekend I might go to another one. I too wanted to buy fresh red chillies.

Charmaine, yeap and they are all very friendly. Orchids are beatiful but very expensive :)

Jeannie, I like going to the one back home too :)

Mat, how are you. Lama tak ada kabar.

Wendy, blood oranges not much different from normal orange except the inside red/maroon color on the inside. The red steammed vege should be the leaves of beets and the yellow and white stems one should be the swiss chard. Yea the lemongrass here is huge and I too put a few on the pot to grow them.

Elin, still no news on my camera yet. Hopefully I hear from them this week. Yea I like pasar tani too.

Eileen, yea there are.

Ann, hope you can visit soon.

My Little Space said...

This definitely my favourite place to visit. I must not bring so much money when visiting this kind of places. haha.... Can not tahan all the stuffs I saw lol! hahaha....

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Ohhh you're making me miss our Bay Area farmers markets!

So you guys are living in the East Bay?

Dina said...

I live in California, I am looking for a store where to find frozen Puff pastry for Egg tarts, Any one know where I can buy them please??

Thank you so much

ICook4Fun said...

Anon, every supermarket sell puff pastry. Check the freezer!