Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken in Tomato Sauce/Ayam Masak Tomato

There are many times where I have to clue of what to cook for dinner. I will just have the door of my fridge open and stare at it for a long time. I came up with this dish on a day like this especially with so many over-ripe tomatoes on the kitchen counter. We eat a lot of tomatoes salad so I tend to overstocked them. I usually left them on the kitchen counter and try finishing them as fast as I can but quite often they get over-ripe so I will end up cooking them. This is a pretty healthy dish actually without any coconut milk in it.


1/2 chicken – removed the fats and skin
2 large tomatoes – cut into chunks
2 stalk lemongrass
3 cm cinnamon stick
3 cloves
Salt and sugar to taste

To be blended:

3 ripe tomatoes
3 red chilies
1” ginger
3 cloves garlic
3 shallots

1. Clean and cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Pat it dry.
2. Put the blended ingredients into a food processor and blend into paste. Set it aside.
3. Heat 3 tbsp oil. Add in cinnamon and cloves. Stir-fry until fragrant. Add in the blended paste and stir-fry until the paste dries up a bit.
4. Add in the chicken and lemongrass; continue to stir the chicken until it changes color. At this stage you might need to add in a bit of water, Just enough to cover the chicken. Bring it up to a boil, cover and simmer until the chicken is tender.
5. Add in the tomatoes, sugar and salt to taste. Stir constantly.
6. Cook until the gravy thicken and dries up pretty much. Dish out and serve with warm rice.

I am submitting this dish to to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday roundup, created and hosted by Sharon of Test with a Skewer and Suresh of 3 Hungry Tummies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gert!

Another delicious dish. Not much ingredients needed. Will cook this tonight but with shrimp. I hope it taste as good too ha!ha!ha! Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day.


WendyinKK said...

A bit like ayam masak merah without the coconut, right? yummy!

Unknown said...

Oh this sounds divine

My Little Space said...

Hi Gert, I know I'm getting really slow lately. hehe... Hope you're well. Looks like you're getting along with your camera really well too. Not only the chicken, the picture looks really finger licking good as well. haha... Love this kind of chicken a lot.
Hoep you're having a great day.

Shereen said...

I too have the same hobby as the fridge and stare..hahaha.How I wish the boys would start demanding what they want to eat rather than me bashing my head against the wall as what to cook everyday..sigh!!!Anyway, love your pics again and I am sure the tomato chicken is delish.

Engineers Love Cooking said...

Nice dish. My recipe using tomato soup. You can find it at my blog at :ls. visit mine. Thanks.

ICook4Fun said...

Yen, I hope you like this dish.

Wendy, less spicy and ingredients then ayam masak merah. I might cook that this week :)

Jennifurla, yea :)

Kristy, I am slow too in visiting other bloggers. By the way, my camera just kaput on me so from now on it will be the point and shoot camera.

Shereen, ha ha we are so alike in many ways.

Enginners Love Cooking, thank you. I have to check out your recipe :)

Angie's Recipes said...

I am HUNGRY just looking at this!

Anonymous said...

Instruction line 1 says cutinto bite size pieces and does not mention what.
Ingredients "1/2 – removed the fats and skin" does not specify the measurements.

ICook4Fun said...

Angie, :)

Anon, thanks for poiting that out. I already made the changes.

Cheah said...

I've bookmarked this recipe. Something similar to ayam masak merah but yours look so delicious.

Shaffree said...

Hey, I read thru the recipe about an hour ago, now, my kitchen is smokin'.. woohoo.. simple, looks delicious. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.