Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Crispy, Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t like chicken wings? I for one am crazy over it. These crispy, sweet and sticky wings are addictive. The hint of ginger and a bit of chili flakes compliments really well with the wings. This was indeed a finger licking good. Even Carlos who is not a big fan of wings ate a whole lot of it. If you like wings do give this recipe a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed.


12 chicken wings – clean, cut and tips removed

Marinate for the wings:

1 tbsp of ginger juice
3/4 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper


1 egg
3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp cornstarch

Sweet Sauce

½ cup water
3 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp grated ginger
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp rice vinegar
Some chili flakes
Some toasted sesame for garnish

1. Marinate the chicken wings for at least 2 hours. Combined both flour and mix well. Add in the beaten egg to the wings follows by the flour. Mix it with your hand until they’re thoroughly coated.
2. Heat up some oil and deep fry the wings over medium high heat in two batches (do not overcrowd it or else you wings won’t be crispy) until golden brown. Remove and drain well on paper towel.
3. In another large pan, combined water, sugar, honey, soy sauce, ginger and vinegar. Bring it up to a boil and cook until the mixture becomes thick and syrupy or until it started to foam (it should be thick like honey)
4. Turn off the heat; add in the fried wings, sesame seeds and chili flakes. Stir and toss until the sauce completely coated the wings. Serve warm or at room temperature.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gert!

Hope you enjoy your holidays. The fried chicken looks so delicious and I can finish the whole plate. Lucky Carlos. Thanks for sharing Gert.


Little Inbox said...

This is finger-licking good snack. Yummy!

WendyinKK said...

The name itself is oredi making me drool.
I love wings with sweet sticky sauces too. Love to lick my fingers after that. Never waste a bit of it.

Shereen said...

Wah,this recipe is especially for me...hantu chicken wings.Looking at the ingredients,tak payah buat dah tau sedap!Will try this out when I'm in a rajin mode.

Elin Chia said...

This is finger lickin' good...yumm yumm who doesn't like wings. I am love wings too !

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

A fantastic party food! ... Btw, I just learnt that I will need to be in New York again in March- maybe we can plan something this time:)

ReeseKitchen said...

Oh I LOVE chicken wings. This is definetely a must try recipe. Thanks for sharing...yum yum!!

ann low said...

WOW! Sticky wings? I really don't mind to have all my fingers get sticky :DD

My Little Space said...

I like your spicy sweet sauce over the wings! I can imagine how delicious they are. Yummm... Thanks for the recipe. Hope you're having a great day.
Cheers, Kristy

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yum, I love it when the sweet, crispy and sticky combined on chicken wings.

mycookinghut said...

I love wings can finish these by myself I think!!! Happy new year to you!

dinewithleny said...

mmmm..indeed it looks absolutely fantastic. I can just imagine how good it will taste. =)

Noob Cook said...

love chicken wings! bet the sweet sauce is finger licking good!

Anonymous said...

I love chicken wings! Sweet and sticky kind is the best. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks for sharing, Gert.

ICook4Fun said...

Yen, you are welcome.

Little Inbox, thanks.

Wendy, I love wings too. Finger licking good!

Shereen, how are you doing my dear? Still busy? I know you are going to like this.

Elin, another wings lover :)

Shirley, good. We definitely have to plan a meet up this time.

Reese, you are welcome.

ICook4Fun said...

Ann, ha ha..

Kristy, you are welcome.

LCOM, do try this out. They are good.

Leemei, Happy New Year to you too.

Dinewithleny, thank.

Noobcook, yes they are :)

Ellie, you are welcome.

lena said...

hi, thanks for coming by my blog and happy new to you! looking at the ingredients especially the honey and ginger, this is gotta be finger licking good. delicious! shall drop by here more often to learn more! have a great day!

Zoe said...

Sweet spicy sticky wings...must be finger licking good :D

Yummy Bakes said...

I sure love chicken wings.

Anonymous said...

when you say flour, what kind of flour is it? thanks

ICook4Fun said...

Anon, most of the flour I used in all my recipes here are AP flour unless I state something else.

Reese Darragh said...

That looks really good!