Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gifts from TOA

Carlos and I were busy shoveling the snow on our driveway on Friday and suddenly an UPS truck pull up in front of our house. As usual I asked Carlos if he order something online and he said 'No'. Took the box from the UPS guy and wonder who sent me this package. Went inside and open the box and it was from Ray of TOA. I was so excited to see is a box full of our Malaysian paste and also snacks.

ChanHong came up with so many new sauces now. I really can't wait to try them all out. I dig into the Kara dried squid right away and forgot about the shoveling outside. It was really good but Carlos just can't stand the smell. He said it's 'stinky' but to me is the taste of heaven.

I am so glad they sell Teh Tarik Kurang Manis now. I really like Teh Tarik 3 in 1 but I find them too sweet. This is just perfect for me since I am cutting down on sugar in my diet.

For all of you who miss Malaysian food or wanted to try out some Malaysian food do check out their website Mytasteofasia and order some for yourself. You will be amazed with the amount of things they sell online. Thank you Ray, Soo and Baby Ryan for the gifts.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Wah so nice, where's mine? where's mine? LOL!

Ummi said...

Gert.. you and cath are enjoying msian food ya. Good terubat rindu kan. Yesterday I had sambal ikan bilis petai..if you like petai lah.

Anonymous said...

Wah y so nice and they send to you for FREE? This must be a form of advertising la. Noo too bad idea ah.

Anonymous said...

These products were sent to Gert bcos she is a good friend of the owner. A way for a friend to say HAPPY CNY! :)


ICook4Fun said...

LCOM, maybe is on the way :) :)

Ummi, memang kita lucky that we can get all this online. Terubat jugak rindu kalau nak masak :) :)

Sue, the owner of TOA is our good friend so can we get to makan for freeee :) :) Nice hor..

Fan-C, thank you so much for the gifts.

Zue Murphy said...

Amboi! Banyak makanan you dapat. Puas hati la you.

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, ha ha..nanti we share the teh tarik kurang manis :) :)