Saturday, June 02, 2012

Los Gatos Farmer’s Market

Before moving to Northern California I told Carlos that I want to visit as many farmer’s market as possible here. I always have soft spots for it. I just love looking and buying fresh veggies, fruits and not to mention the bake goodies there. We went to Los Gatos for a day trip last weekend and as usual made a pit stop at the farmer’s market.

It is located at the Downtown Los Gatos, Town Plaza. Adjacent to the Market, this quaint park features a water fountain, blooming flowers, plush greenery, park benches, large lawn area and winding walkways. It is a great way to spend a day there where you can sit in the park eating the goodies you bought from the market accompanied by the live music!! This market is open on Sunday from 8.00am to 1.00pm.

The early season of Cherries

Lots of stone fruits in the market

Humongous Strawberries

Beautiful tomatoes

This variety of plum is super juicy and sweet!!

I bought some of these beautiful carrots and they were really sweet.


Anonymous said...

such lovely colors! I would visit as many farmers market like you if I could. So sad that we don't have such things over here... did you bring back any apricots? I'm sure they would taste fab!!!

Shereen said...

Oh Gert,
I am so torn now whether to go to SF or NY..hahahah.So bad you to tempt me like this!!!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Love markets. Leaving for US tonight... but travel schedule will take me to mid west this time... next trip should see me in the west coast :)

Charmaine said...

Love farmers markets. Those photos of the produce have me drooling esp the fruits.

FiSh said...

thats pretty much things there! :) i love the fat, juicy strawberries!

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Anonymous said...

Gert, I love these markets too. And I can't stop buying. Always end up more than I require. If I am at Los Gatos Farmer’s Market, I think I would end up with a full carload home. So much freshies there. So beautiful.

lena said...

wow, all the fruits there must be cheap! cheap! cheap! guess you must hv bought a lorry with you there!! LOL!here we have pasar tani and pasar malam..hehe..

My Asian Kitchen said...

the strawberry look big,juicy and red!! I like to visit farm market in LI the farmer market price is really steep than regular market!! how can you spend whole day there?? the farm market must be very big huh?

Jesslyn said...

I love farmers markets too! I always go to the one in Burlingame and Belmont. They have a wide variety of stuff~

mycookinghut said...

All the lovely produce!

K.Nor said...

owhh kat sini pun banyak cherry.. u know where the place i mean kan gert .. wink.. wink.. hehe

1st time dpt merasa cherry fresh ni.. mmg sedap! :)

My Little Space said...

Gosh Gert, I love strolling around this kind of market. It's the joyous thing to do by just looking at those fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers & all kind of stuffs.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Glad you're in the Bay Area now. You must visit the Mountain View Farmer's Market. It's one of the bests around here. Lots of Asian produces too.

ICook4Fun said...

Alan, yes that is why I like farmer's market. It is all about the colors and freshness of produce. Oh yea I bought 2 types of apricots home. The smaller ones taste better :)

Shereen, I prefer you coming to SF. NY will be too hot for me in July. You know me and heat. Not a big fan of that :)

Shirley, I hope to see you the next time.

Charmaine, yes the fruits are the best.

Fish, yes they were huge!

Melanie, me too. I always end up buying more than I need :)

ICook4Fun said...

Lena, ha ha no need lorry to load them home. All they items are small. I too love pasar tani back home.

Lesley, there are plenty of places to visit at Los Gatos beside farmer's market. We just made a pit stop there for an hour. By the way how are you doing?

Jesslyn, yes especially now there are plenty of fresh produce.

Leemei, yes :)

K.Nor, oh sana pun banyak cherry ya!! I suka cherries yang warna kuning. Sana ada tak?

Kristy, oh yea, I am most happy just looking and browsing at the fresh produce :)

Anon, thank you. You are at Mountain View? I have to go there one day :)

Nate @ House of Annie said...

There are lots of farmer's markets in the Bay Area to choose from! I think if you went to a different one each week it would take you more than a year to cover them all.

But, do get acquainted with the folks at your local market. You can find pretty much the same produce as everywhere else, but when you build relationships with the vendors, you get special deals.