Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls Using Tang Zhong Method

I just love this Japanese style bread. This cinnamon rolls are made from the water roux or Tang Zhong. From this basic dough you can make it into any Asian style buns. Tang Zhong method produce soft and moist bread and therefore you don’t have to add any artificial bread softener or improver to your dough.


250 grm bread flour
2 tbsp of milk powder
80 grm Tang Zhong/water roux - recipe here
105 ml warm water
½ tsp salt
40 grm sugar
7 grm dry yeast
30 grm butter

For the fillings:

4 tbsp of soft butter
½ cup of brown sugar
2 tsp of cinnamon
1 cup of raisins

1. Fit the mixer with the dough hook attachment and put all the dough ingredients into the mixer bowl and work it on medium speed until it comes together and forms a nice ball of dough. Continue to mix for 10 minutes on medium speed.
2. Cover the dough and let it rest and rise until double it size. Roll it out the dough into rectangle about 1/3” thickness, brush with softened butter and sprinkle it with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins
5. With your palm lightly press the filling ingredients into dough and then roll them up like a jelly roll. Secure the roll by pinching both ends of the roll. Cut the rolls into 1” pieces and line them with paper cups and place it on a mufin tray.
6. Place them in a warm spot and let them rise for an hour or until they are doubled in size. Bake them at 350°F for about 15 – 20 minutes or until they are golden
7. Remove them from the oven and let them cool.

To my mom in Malaysia and all Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!


Angie's Recipes said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day!

Zurin said...

agree. Ive tried this bread b4 n it is very lovely! and so are ur cinnamon buns!!!! Happy mothers day!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day!!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Looks like a wonderful breakfast to have on Mother's Day morning.Thanks for sharing it. ;) Happy Mother's Day to you too Gert!

My Little Space said...

your bread looks as beautiful as those tulips! Happy mother's Day to you too! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Blessings, Kristy

Zue Murphy said...

Cute bread. Perfect to celebrate mother's day.

Anonymous said...

I love how you place the cinnamon rolls in cupcake pans It looks amazingly cute! It's an interesting method, I am definitely going to try it soon.

MaryMoh said...

Beautiful cinnamon rolls. Happy Mother's Day!

Jeannie said...

I love cinnamon rolls too, yours looks gorgeous! I've just baked a cinnamon bread too. Happy Mothers' Day to you!

indahhouse said...

Hi Sis Gert,
Happy Mother's Day! cinnamon roll tu cantik. so cute dalam cup tu. :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Nicely baked cinnamon buns! I always like this buns just because of the cinnamon taste. Beside, I agree with you that this water roux is a very good recipe. I like it too!

Pete said...

Interesting method....looks like the ones commercially available. Learned a new method today! Thks!

pigpigscorner said...

I've heard a lot about this method and can't wait to try it!

petite nyonya said...

These looks wonderful, Gert...cinnamon rolls in cupcake casing! I really must try my hand at tangzhong method one fine day.

WendyinKK said...

Great idea to do it in muffins cases :)
My husband hates cinnamon, so I can never bake this.

Cheah said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. I've given up on making bread using the tang zhong method, too soft to handle, but yours look so cute!

Girl Foodie said...

I must admit that I've never heard of this method before but am determined to give it a try now.
I LOVE the use of the cute cupcake papers. These would be lovely for a tea party!!

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

I have read about the Tangzhong method but have felt intimidated to try're making me rethink this. I hope to give it a try soon.

Food For Tots said...

I love Tangzhong method too. Your rolls look gorgeous!

Food For Tots said...

I love Tangzhong method too. Your rolls look gorgeous!

thecoffeesnob said...

I've never heard of this method but it does sound wonderful! I see some red bean buns in my near future :)

Elin Chia said...

I first heard of this method from Angie of Angie's recipe and have tried using the method, it turned out just as you said..soft and it kept its softness till the next day.

Your rolls looks great like a rose flower :) and Gert, looking at yours make me want to make buns you remember how I used to make these bun like crazy :p

ICook4Fun said...

Angie,Zurin, Lucy, Bee, thanks. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too.

My Litte Space, Ze, thanks.

Ellie, hope you try it out one day and I am pretty sure you are going to like it :)

Mary, Jeannie, Indahhouse, thank you.

Open Kitchen, mmmm how come you don't get it? I've written on the intro that it is Tang Zhong/water roux.

Kitchen Corner, I love the smell of cinnamon :)

Pete, you are welcome.

Pigpigscorner, do try it out :)

Petite nyonya, hope you try it out. This method will give your bread a very soft texture.

Wendy, funny yea... hubby and I love cinnamon :)

ICook4Fun said...

Cheah, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too.

Girl Foodie, thanks for stopping by.

Shirley, don't be intimidated. It is actually not difficult method :)

Food for Tots, thank you.

Coffeesnob, this method will be great to make red bean buns too.

Elin, yea how come nowadays you are not baking bread anymore?

JT said...

how many rolls does this recipe make? n does it keep well?

Maria said...

Gorgeous rolls!

Swee San said...

Wow I like the idea of putting it individually. Not so messy when pulling them out 1 by 1 .. just bookmarked it ;)

mycookinghut said...

Very very nice! I have heard a lot about tang zhung.. really need to try this method out!

ICook4Fun said...

Missy, I made about 10 rolls out of this but that also depend on how big or small you cut the rolls.

Open Kitchen Concept, glad that you understand it now :)

Maria, thanks

Swee San, yes this way is better.

Leemei, yes do try it out and I am sure you are going to like it :)

Sabrina Woon said...

this look so yummy ! I can feel the sweetness~ mmmmmmmm.

Miss B @ Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

I just chanced upon ur blog. I love cinnamon rolls but this is the 1st recipe i saw that uses the Tangzhong method for cinnamon rolls. Thanks for ur recipe


ICook4Fun said...

Sabrina, yes this is really good.

Miss B, thanks for stopping by. Hope you will try this out.

Jheng said...

Thanks for the recipe! This was my first time using the roux and my second attempt at baking. At first it certainly was sticky but I added more flour as I kneed the dough, until it was easy to work with. Instead of raisins I chopped up pecans and added it to the filling.

THEY WERE AWESOME! Soo soft and yummy.

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