Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yong Tau Foo

It is difficult to find Yong Tau Foo here in the US. I have been craving for it for a while now. When we went for our groceries shopping at the Vietnamese Supermarket I got pretty excited when I found the fish paste at the frozen aisle.

Stuff vegetables ready to be pan fried

Stuff bean curd sheet

Yong Tau Foo basically means stuffed tofu. It's a dish most of the Chinese Malaysian grew up with. Is mainly bean curd or vegetables like okra, eggplant, chili, pepper, bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste. It's pan fried and normally served in clear broth or braised with fermented soy bean paste (tau cheong) or some like it with curry.

After pan fried
Cooked in fermented bean paste
Cooked in curry

I am really happy with how the dish turn out and will definitely make this dish again.


Anonymous said...

Ooiii...kalau la ada pasar malam di US ni kan bagus. Yong Tau foo is one of my favorite food. But I never try the one cooked in curry. Very interesting.....Zue

ICook4Fun said...

Yeahlah Zue, I used to buy it from Pasar pagi but kat sini kalau nak makan kena buat sendiri. Tak apa, lain kali I buatkan untuk you.

Anonymous said...

OMG Gert!! I love Yong Tau Foo!! Am so craving for it now. Cannot visit ur blog la ~ make me wanna cook this and that and lost.... cos dunno where to start. :p

vivienne Nonis said...

Hi, i would like to try making this but you don't give the recipe for the fermented bean sauce recipe. How do I make it? Thanks.