Thursday, June 14, 2007


I always like to see beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables garden but I hardly plant anything because whatever I plant will probably die on me. The only plant I have is the money plant inside the house but that plant need very little care. All I have to do it just water it weekly. I tried planting some herbs last year but it end up eaten up by the insects. When my sister came she helped me plant some flowers in front of the house and also some herbs and tomatoes. She is known for her 'green thumb' so whatever she plant will grown very well.


Parsley and Lemongrass

Jalapeno peppers


The flowers and plant in front of the house.

I already start cooking with my herbs and I can't wait to taste the tomatoes. Thanks Zue for all the gardening tips.


Anonymous said...

My basil plant kena serang dengan kumbang. Now, the kumbang all are dead after I sprinkled with soapy water.I hope your plants are doing well.

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, my rose and the tree depan rumah pun kena serang kumbang. Now all the daun berlubang lubang. Semalam pergi Home Depot and bought some kind of spray. I tengah geram ni !!!

Sue Sue said...

Your herbs garden looks good. I tried to plant some sweet basil and parsley here but it won't work here.But my Thai Basil grown very well here. Maybe it's the weather. I just love ur tomatoes and jalapeno peppers plant.

ICook4Fun said...

Thanks Sue for dropping by. Actually both the basil & parsley are growing very well. I even share it with my neighbour. Basil plant don't like too much sun so i put it at a shady place.