Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Laced Rice Crepes/Appam

When I saw my friend posted an Appam making video of Cooking with Thas on FB I know I have to try it out. Ingredients are relatively easy. All I have to do and just blend it together and let it ferment overnight. Since I don’t have the appam making pan I just used my non-stick pan cooking it. Well, as you can see it is rather flat but taste wise it is pretty good. I remember eating it at one of the Indian restaurant and it has a sourish taste to it. I guess I have to try out another recipe that uses yeast since this recipe doesn’t.

So what is Appam? Appam is a very popular and traditional breakfast of State of Kerala. The Appam or Palappam is also a specialty in Sri Lanka where it is known as the Appa. Appams are soft and spongy in the center and has a lacy border. It is very good for health as it does not require much oil and it is gluten free too. It can be served with the potato/chicken stew, any type of curries curry.


1 cup raw rice – soaked for 5 hours
½ cup fresh grated coconut
¼ cup cooked white rice
1 cup coconut milk
1 ½ water

Other ingredients:

½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt

1. In a blender or grinder- add soaked rice, grated coconut, cooked rice, coconut milk and water, grind to a smooth batter.
2. Pour the batter into a large bowl, covered with plastic wrap and leave it overnight on the counter top to ferment.
3. If you are living in a cold place, warm up the oven at the lowest temperature- 150 F for 3 to 4 minutes, turn off the heat and then place the batter inside the oven and keep it overnight.
4. The next day just before making appams- add baking soda and salt to the batter combine well. Set it aside for 10 minutes.
5. Place the pan for making appam or a non stick frying pan over medium heat, let it get hot.
6. Grease the pan with non-stick cooking spray or grease it with a bit of vegetable oil.
7. Remove the pan from the heat, pour 1 to 1½ ladle of batter onto the pan and swirl the pan to coat the batter evenly on the pan.
8. Close the pan with a lid and cook for 4 minutes.
9. Open the lid, you can see the edges turn into light brown, using a spatula, go around the edges to loosen the pancake up, remove the appam from the pan and place it on a plate. Continue to do the same until the batter is finish.
10. Appam can be served with any kind of curries or stew.

Note: I made a few pieces of sweet apam with the same batter. I added a tbsp of sugar to the batter (you can add more if you like it sweeter), stir well and cook it the same way as the savory ones.


Elin Chia said...

Looks easy....I have to get the appam pan first. Thanks for the recipe :)

My Little Space said...

Gert, your apam looks successfully cooked. Kudos ! I tried 2 times already, still failed. >o< I have trouble cooking over little wok. Should try other wok or pan, I guess !
Have a wonderful day.
Blessings, Kristy

Giulietta said...

Thank you so very much for posting this recipe it looks wonderful. We are all Gluten free & always looking for good recipes without any chemical or strange ingredients. We make Dosa but this is an interesting different recipe that I have never seen before.
My question is...we used to live in Malaysia where my local friends always warned me to never leave any coconut milk out in the heat or any food with coconut milk out in the heat due to spoilage and possible food poisoning issues. I was wondering if I could possibly just ferment this with just the water then add the coconut milk just as I was going to cook it. Although this leaves the coconut itself in the recipe to ferment.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't want to feed this to children or guests unless I could be sure this would be okay to eat. Giulietta