Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Spaghetti with Easy Cherry Tomatoes Sauce

My cherry tomato plants gave me some bumper crop last season. Carlos is not a fan of cherry tomatoes so I am the only one eating it. I like eating them raw and sometimes I just cut them up and put it in my pasta. This is a very fast and easy meal to prepare. While you are boiling the pasta you can prepare the sauce and when pasta is ready all you have to do is mixing it into the sauce. The juicy sweet cherry tomatoes burst open in warm olive oil, creating a luxuriously silky sauce and voila the meal comes together in less than 20 minutes.


Spaghetti or any pasta of your choice – enough to serve 2-3 people
3 cups of cherry tomatoes – halves
3 large cloves garlic – thinly sliced
½ tsp freshly ground pepper
Salt to taste
Some olive oil
Some red pepper flakes - optional
Some chopped parsley
Some grated parmesan cheese (for serving)

1. Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, stirring occasionally, until al dente; drain and transfer to a large bowl.
2. Meanwhile, heat up 3 tbsp oil in a large skillet or wide heavy saucepan over medium-high. Add garlic, cook until fragrant and translucent and then add in the tomatoes, pepper flakes, pepper and salt to taste.
3. Cook, stirring occasionally, until tomatoes burst and release their juices to form a sauce, about 6-7 minutes.
4. Once the pasta is ready toss it into the tomato sauce. Give it a few quick toss and add in the basil. 5. Serve warm and sprinkle in some parmesan cheese.

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