Friday, January 30, 2015

Dark Chocolate Bark with Sea Salt, Macadamia Nuts and Dried Fruits

This bark is by far one of the easiest desserts to make. You can mix up a batch of it in 10 minutes before leaving it to set up. The best part of this bark is you can put your own spin of topping ingredients to it like nuts, dried fruits, toasted coconut, candied ginger etc.. The combinations are endless.


12 oz bittersweet chocolate – chopped
¾ cup macadamia nuts – roughly chopped
½ cup dried apricots – chopped
½ dried cranberries
½ tsp sea salt

1. Melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of low simmering water (not boiling water)
2. Meanwhile, line a sheet pan with parchment paper.
3. Once the chocolate melted, pour it over the parchment paper, spread and smooth it out to form a rectangle about 8” x 9” with a spatula.
4. Sprinkle the salt then follows by the macadamia nuts, apricots and cranberries over the chocolate. Lightly press it down to the chocolate.
5. Let it set in the fridge until firm about 30 minutes. Cut the bark into 2 x 3-inch pieces and serve at room temperature.


PH said...

Wow, Gertrude! I love this :) Saw it in some blogs before never tried. Now you have motivated me hee..hee...

Katie said...

That look so pretty and I love how quick and simple it is. Lovely flavours

Francesca Parise- In my sweet kitchen said...

Hello I'm Francesca and I am Italian. I was looking for recipes from the world and I came across your blog. I like very much, there are many recipes from which I can take inspiration. I joined your supporters, if you want a challenge, too. Thank You.

ICook4Fun said...

Phong Hong, they were real easy to make :)

Kathy, thanks.

Francesca, thanks for stopping by and your comment.