Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honey Castella Cake II

I know you have seen a lot of Castella ( Kasutera) cake in blogosphere for the past one month. I was hit by the bugs too and I baked this in March and only get to post it now. The first time I baked this Castella cake was in 2009 and pretty please with the outcome but that recipe uses oil and all purpose flour. For the recipe shared by Roti n Rice and Yummy Workshop uses bread flour and with no oil in it. So which cake i like better? I always prefer spongy cake compare to butter cake so I like both of them. The 1st recipe gives a softer and denser texture and this one is bouncier or should I say springier and lighter. I think it’s the used of bread flour which has more gluten in it. The next Kasutera I am going to try out will be from Nasi Lemak Lover .

I am going to re-post the recipe here for my own record when I want to bake it again. Since I don’t have a smaller pan, I used an 8” x 8” square pan so the cake is not as tall as I wanted it to be.

Adapted from : Roti n Rice ( do check out her step-by-step pictures)

5 egg yolks (room temperature)
5 egg whites (room temperature)
110 gram sugar
115 gm Bread flour
50 gram honey + 2 -3 Tbsp hot water (stir to dilute)

1. Line an 8” x 8” cake pan with aluminum foil. Sieve bread flour and set it aside. Pre-heat oven to 325 degree F.
2. Place egg whites in a mix bowl and whisk over high speed for 30 seconds until foamy. Add in the sugar slowly and continue to whisk until firm peaks. Take about 4 minutes if you are using Kitchen Aid mixer.
3. Turn down the mixer to medium speed and add in yolks one at a time. Whisk until well combined about 2 minutes. Add in the flour and continue to mix until just combined. Drizzle in the honey mixture and continue to mix for another minute.
4. Pour batter through a sieve into cake pan. Press with spatula to help batter go through sieve. Tap pan on the kitchen counter to remove air bubbles. Smoothen the top of the batter with spatula to remove any air bubbles.
5. Bake in pre-heated oven for 50 minutes or until top is evenly browned. Toothpick inserted into center of the cake should come out clean. Remove the cake from oven.
6. Get ready a large piece of parchment paper. When the cake is cool enough to handle, lift cake up by holding the edge of the foil. Turn cake upside down onto the parchment paper.
7. Peel off the foil and wrap the cake up with the parchment paper. Leave the cake overnight in the refrigerator (right side up) Cut and serve.


QembarDelites said...

Oh, you are going to start another round of castella baking lol! Lovely! Amazing how fluffy this cake is even after going through the sieve!

Shereen said...

Did you see the castella cake I posted in my FB?The texture of the cake is totally different from yours.... hmmm.. Now I'm!I thought of baking it myself and hence buying that cake to see how's the texture and taste would be like.You know what, I don't think I'm going to bake this cake... Too tedious:))

fuat gencal said...

Ellerinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor.


ann low said...

Lovely! I don't mind to bake another one after seeing yours :)

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

I am amazed at how popular this cake has been. Yours turned out beautifully! Makes me want to bake another one soon :)

Thanks for the shout-out :)

Mother Rimmy said...

I love how light and tender these cakes look.

Caca said...

I love the flat surface and light texture of the cake.

ICook4Fun said...

Jeannie, I actually baked this a few months ago but only get to post it now :)

Shereen, yes I saw the beautiful castella you post on FB. That is why it trigger me to post this up. You should try making this.

Fuat, Teşekkür ederim.

Ann, I actually made another one two days ago :)

Biren, thank you. Have a safe trip home :)

Mother Rimmy, yes this cake is really light. No oil in it.

Caca, thanks.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Gert,there are many version of this cake in blogoshere. I am not sure which one should be the right texture of this cake. I hope i am able to try the real cake in Japan when i visit in next two weeks. Thanks for the mentioned.

lena said...

i hv just seen your previous castella , just as nice. Seems like this is the cake of the year!

Solid and Simple Blog said...

Thanks for the Honey Castella Cake recipe.
I'll create one for sure, my kids are gonna like it :)
If you don't mind, can you submit your Honey Castella Cake photo in ?
It's a food photography site full of all DIY food pictures from members around the world. Or perhaps you'd like to submit by yourself? Let me know when you did, so I can share it.

lyly said...

Gert, your Castella cake look very moist and delicious. I did try another version but it does not turn out good like yours. I'll try your version. Thank you for posting. Wish you have good week.

My Little Space said...

I have yet tried this castella cake and will sure try it soon.