Thursday, November 04, 2010

Prawn Fritter/Cucur Udang

This is one of the favorite tea time snacks in Malaysia and you can usually find stalls selling them by road side stall in the afternoon or at the night market. This is something so readily available back home and I don’t usually make them. But here in the US when craving strike I have to make it myself. The last time I made this was in 2007 when my sisters came to visit us so it is time to make some for my evening tea and keep some for my mee rebus.


1 cup flour
1/2 cup tempura flour/mix
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/4cups water (the amount of water depend on how thick you like the batter to be)
Small bunch Chinese chives – cut into 1” length
1 cup of bean sprouts
1 tsp chicken granules
½ tsp turmeric powder
Salt and pepper to taste
20 medium size shrimps/prawns – clean and leave the head and tail intact
Oil for frying

1. Combine the flour, tempura flour, baking powder, turmeric, chicken granules and salt into a mixing bowl. Add water and mix it with a spoon to make a fairly thick batter. Leave the batter aside to rest for 15 minutes. Then stir in the chives and bean sprouts.
2. Heat the oil for deep frying over medium heat. Place a medium size ladle in the oil to and heat it for 2 minutes. Remove the ladle from the oil and allowing excess oil to drip off.
3. Spoon enough batter to fill the ladle almost to the top and press a prawn into the center of the batter and gently lower the ladle into the oil.
4. After 2 to 3 minutes, when the base of the fritter has formed a crust, gently loosen the out the fritter from ladle by using small knife and allow it to continue frying until golden brown.
5. Refill the ladle with more batter and continue until all the batter is used up.
6. Remove fritters and drain the oil on paper towel. Allow the fritters to cool down before cutting it into cubes and serve with some chili sauce.

I am submitting this dish to Muhibbah Malaysia Monday
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Aunty Liew said...

sometimes i also buy this for teatime. Of course,homemade one is the best!

ann low said...

This prawn fritter looks so good especially with turmeric powder in it!

Home Cooking said...

luv it, its just simply delicious :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

wow, you have big prawn in your fritter and also with shell intact, i can't prepare this way, my kids will not eat with shell intact.

busygran said...

These are delicious! I love prawn fritters.

Anonymous said...

I am lost. May I ask what is tempura flour? I do like this recipe and see it very nice for get together.


pigpigscorner said...

My favourite too! But I've never seen it with such huge prawns! yum!

ICook4Fun said...

Wai Kitt, yes at least we don't use recycle oil for frying :)

Anncoo, thank you.

Sweet & Spicy, thanks.

Sonia, ha ha visually it looks better with head and tail intact :)

Busygran, thank you.

Lisa, is a tempura flour mix you get from the box. YOu can always google for the picture of the package.

Pigpigsconrer, ha ha they are pretty huge :)

Cooking Gallery said...

These are one of my all-time favourite snacks...!! Btw, I just passed you on an award, please feel free to pick it up from my blog :).

Honey Bee Sweets said...

I love these too, but always try to control not to eat too much. :) Love the nice golden color , nice! Thanks for the recipe, will try it when craving strikes. :)

Lisa Ho said...

Huge prawns...ooh.. nice twist to the cucur udang by using tempura flour...
Its about time for me to do cucur udang too :)...

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Yes, I remember this. I would normally order this at the Chinese Rojak store...

mr. pineapple man said...

i had prawn yesterday and it tasted like lobster...yum!

ReeseKitchen said...

This is also one of my favourite! Always buy from outside store, there is one very nice @ 1Utama. Yum!!

Shereen said...

What's the difference using part tempura flour and flour as opposed to all flour?I very lazy to do this as the explosion of the oil is enough to make me go bonkers although it is a fave with the boys.Yours look very nice.

ICook4Fun said...

Cooking Gallery, thank you so much for the award.

Bee Bee, it is hard to resist over eating this :)

Ho Ho Ho, yes the tempura flour gives it a lighter batter.

Shirley, yes but I think theirs are on the thinner and crispier side. I wish I know the recipe for that version :)

Pineapple man, the prawn must be huge :)

Reese, I have to try that when I go home.

Shereen, I added tempura flour as gives a lighter and crispier fritters. It exploded because of the prawn head. Maybe you can remove the head the next time :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

wow!! I like your mini cucur udang!! easy to eat and look cute!! wish I can have some now!

Jun said...

Wah I love these! Okay, I admit that I love everything deep-fried! Your cucur udang is lovely!

I wonder if I can substitute the tempura mix. I don't think they sell stuff like that here. Beautiful pictures!

Smoky Wok (formerly Tastes of Home) said...

Love this snack and your home-made version looks yummy! :)

ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, thank you. Yea I made it pretty small.

Jun, you can replace it with 1/4 cup rice flour and 1/4 cornflour (since tempura flour is just mixture of rice and cornflour) and instead of 1/2 tsp baking power you can use 1 tsp of it. Hope this help.

Jen, thank you.

ijayuji said...

cucur udang my all time fev, dis recipe look a bit diffrent sbb ada tenpura flour n seperti mana yg diketahu tenpura flour sgt rangup n sedap! will try it soonnnnnn :D thanks!!

shaz said...

Yum! What a great idea to use tempura flour to give it some lightness. I know what you mean, I wish it was easier to just buy some, but I guess it means if I have to make my own then I won't eat it so often, better for my waistline, LOL!

Thanks for joining in for Muhibbah Monday again.