Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stir-Fry Hong Kong Noodles

I always like Hong Kong Noodles and I will usually pan fried it and cook some grave to pour over the top but this time I just stir-fry it like other noodles. This is not an easy noodle to fry as it clump up easily but the taste was really good. I will definitely cook this again.

Ingredients :

1/2 packet of fresh Hong Kong Noodles
1 small red pepper - julienned
1 small carrots - Jullienned
1 small onions - slice thinly
2 clover of garlic - chopped
4 oz of chicken or pork - cut into small strip
10 shrimps - clean and deveined
a handful of beansprout
some spring onions - for garnish

Sauce :

1 tbsp of chili paste
2 tbsp of oyster sauce

1 tbsp of soy sauce
1/2 tsp of sugar
1/2 cup of water
salt and pepper to taste

1) Wash off the flour from the noodles and drain well. Mix all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.
2) Put about 2 tbsp of oil in a hot pan and stir-fry onions and garlic until fragrant. Add in meat and continue to stir-fry until the meat is cooked.
3) Add in pepper, carrot and shrimp. Stir-fry for a minute and add in the noodles.
4) Stir-fry a few second and add in the sauce. Continue to stir-fry until the noodles is cook and the sauce dries up. Add in the beansprout and stir-fry a few second or until everything is well combined.
4) Dish out and garnish with some spring onions


Cat Cat said...

What is Hong Kong noodles? Is that Yee Mee? Looks like Yee Mee to me.

Anonymous said...

Is that a typical egg noodle from HK? I love seeing Hong Kong being mentioned anyway. I am homesick now seeing your lovely noodles.

Christelle said...

ohhh so yummy!!
(running to the kitchen to prepare ;))

discoverylane said...

Instead of using cold water to wash off the noodle, use hot water and boil it for 1 to 2 mins may help to reduce the clump up problem. By the way, I really like your recipe.

Food For Tots said...

I luv noodles. Your noodles were stir-fried beautifully. Better than the Chinese restaurant. Guess it must be a lot of "Wok He" when it is just cooked from the pan. Yummy!

Zue Murphy said...

Any noodle is a good noodle to me. It was weird though, growing up, I don't really like any yellow noodle. It make my head spin. But now, I just could not get enough of it. Your Hong Kong noodle look delicious! Yummy!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy, just give me a plate of noodle now. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Gert, what is Hong Kong noodles? Is it fresh egg noodles?

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, I already put a pix of it here. This noodles is more likie wanton mee.

Janet, yea its Hong Kong fresh egg noodles. I just came back from Malaysia and already missing my family :(

Christelle, hope you like this :)

Discoverlane, thanks you and thanks for the tips. Will do that the next time.

Food for tots, thank you.

Zue, this noodles taste better than the regular yellow noodles.

LCOM, you have to come all the way to PA for it :)

Dawn, check out the pix of the noodles :)

tigerfish said...

It looks gorgeous!

Beachlover said...

Gert,your mee look delicious! usually I bought alots of noodles from Chinatown but at the end tong sampah it's goes...forget to cook..It's weird ,I wonder why they called Hong Kong noodles too..maybe just a fancy name..

dailydelicious said...

Oh, what can I say, I can't stand to have noodle in front of me. I have to eat all of them ^ ^.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Wah, that looks good. Next time i go to the asian supermarket, i will look for mee hong kong.

tragic girl said...

good to see you back in action! this looks really yummy. i'll put yee mee on my grocery list. :)

ICook4Fun said...

Tigerfish, thank you.

Lesley, yea fresh noodles don't keep too long that is why I will buy enough just for two weeks.

Dailydelicious, I guess we Asian just can't stay away from our noodles :)

Farina, mee ni memang sedap. Give it a try.

Foodbox, thank you :)

Smoky Wok (formerly Tastes of Home) said...

Hi! Wanted to let you know this person stole your photo and recipe, she has stolen from many bloggers, me included


Please file a DMCA complaint against her


every complaint helps! :) thanks!