Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

To my family & friends,

Wishing all of you a Happy & Prosperous New Year. May the year of golden pig brings you lots of happiness, wealth, peace and love.

I've been away from Malaysia for so many years and I can't even remember when was the last time I celebrate CNY at home. Carlos and I will normally cook something simple for our reunion dinner because is just the two of us. But this year my sister Elizabeth and my niece Diana is here with us so I cooked a bit more. We invited our neighbor Nancy to have dinner with us.

The table setting

Some of the fried stuff

Fried Wonton

Shrimps wrap in yam

Shrimps wrap in spring roll

Yee Sang all the way from Malaysia

Coconut shrimps

We even made some 'tong yuen' for dessert with longan and lychee
We also roasted a chicken, stir fried broccoli with beef and kung po chicken but we forgot to take some pictures ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Are you going to cook super delicious food like this for all 15 days?
I am sure this year celebration is memorable since your sister is here with you. Have a great snow day!

ICook4Fun said...

No Zue, the rest of the days will be simple food. Maybe on the 9th day of CNY I might cook something special because is the Hokkien New Year.

You too have a wonderful day at home. Nak pergi shopping mana mana?

HN said...

I am very interested to know how do you make the shrimp wrapped in yam? I would be more than happy if youcan share the recipe with me :)
Thank you!