Sunday, November 12, 2006

My first time ever Blogging

Welcome to my blog. This is my first time trying my hand in blogging. My niece Diana set this blog up for me while Carlos and I were visiting relatives in Argentina. I am not good with words so I am trying so hard to think of something interesting to write about. But, of course, it's Sunday morning = the most lazy day of the week. ;) So, I will try to write something to introduce myself to anyone who stumble to my blog.

I'm previously from California, a place which I sooo love but my husband and I had to move to Pennsylvania due to his job reasons. Life here isn't as interesting as living in California and I'm still adjusting to life here especially the bitter winter. I've found a few good friends here in PA. This blog is mainly for my family back in Malaysia to keep them update on my life here in the US and since I love cooking and baking so you will see plenty of that in this blog.


Christelle said...

After noticing a recipe on your blog from a search, I started looking at your last recipe, and here I am, at your first ever blog post. I am amazed at how fantastic a cook and aphotographer you are. I am just back from a trip top Malaysia (Melacca and Penang) and Singapore, and I have seen the dishes on your blog that I have tasted over there. You are my hero :))))
This is probably the best cooking blog I know of (and I see a lot of them!! ;)
Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for the info about I'm Malaysian too. I'm married to a Belgian and we travelled often between Malaysia and Europe. Glad to know about you. :-)