Sunday, May 27, 2007

Steamed Buns

My niece Diana has been asking me to make her some Red Bean Bao or steamed buns for so long and I finally made it for her last week. Making the buns is so easy now since there are so many ready pre-packed Bao flour and 'Red Bean ' paste at the Asian Supermarket. Just follow the instruction on the flour packaging and you will have the steamed buns in no time.

The flour
Red Bean Paste

With some leftover pastry we made some 'Char Siew Pau'


Rita Ho said...

I'd make the char siew pau first and see if got left over pastry for red bean buns .... hahaha!

What is in your char siew filling, Gert?

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, for the filling I used char siew, green peas, shallots, garlic, oyster sauce, black sauce, sugar, salt and pepper. No measurements. Just 'agak agak'