Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Interested In Becoming The Mixmaster Of Your Own Beverage? This Is For You

Considering the cost of a decent drink at the average bar or a cup of your favorite from a national chain coffee house, how can anyone afford the little things in life without going broke? The answer to that is by making your own. The same flavorings bartenders use in mixed drinks and coffee houses use in their products is available to the public and you don’t need a business license to get a good deal on them. There are several companies online selling just what you need to make the most delicious mocktail , cocktails, or coffees you’ve ever tasted.

All you need is the ingredients and equipment to mix them with, then people will be standing in line for an invite to your next get together. Have you ever noticed how many bars there are in some towns? That’s because they are great money-makers. You don’t have to be one of the people keeping their doors open. You could be spending your party cash at home with friends instead of in a public place with strangers.
Mocktails, Cocktails, or Coffee: You Can Beat Anything Your Local Bar or Coffee House Serves
Experimenting with different flavors can be a real adventure. Sure you may end up with a few batches you’re not proud of, but that’s part of it. Invite your friends over for a “tasting party” and let the fun begin. Why pay a middleman to mix your drinks if you don’t have to? All you need are the right tools and your favorite flavors, then you’re on the way to creating your idea of the perfect drink, not someone else’s. Imagine the possibilities when you have your own fully or semi-automatic equipment that can…
• Brew both espresso and coffee at the same time.
• Automatically steams milk or provides the kind of frothing you pay so much extra for when you buy it ready-to-drink at a shop.
• Grind fresh coffee beans so every cup is guaranteed impressively fresh and full of flavor.
Flavored drinks, especially coffees are here to stay. Have you noticed how long some of the lines are at the local coffee shop and wondered if that cup of coffee they are waiting for is really worth what they charge? Of course it isn’t, but once your taste buds have been spoiled to flavor, giving it up is hard to do. If this article has encouraged you to invest in your own equipment and selection of flavors, you can drive by and wave at all the people waiting in line for theirs, because you’ll have your own special brew from home for a price no coffee shop will ever match.
Your Drink Invention Could Become The Next Classic
If you enjoy mixed drinks (cocktails) then you have most likely heard of a “Gin Rickey ,” or maybe you’ve even tried one. It didn’t pop into existence out of nowhere, someone had to invent it. That person was Colonel Joseph Ricky. One hot summer day in 1883, he instructed his bartender on how to make the drink and the rest is history. Now there is a cluster of drinks known as “Rickeys.” Word spreads fast when something new and tasty hits the drinking scene, and there is every possibility your next experiment could end up as famous as the Colonel's did. Keep in mind, there are reasons other than flavor and finances to mix your own. Think about it, what if…
• The glass your bartender serves a drink in wasn’t completely rinsed after washing?
• You get halfway through that expensive cup of coffee and notice there are stains on the inside of the cup?
• The cleaning crew at that over-priced coffee house forgets to clean the small places in a machine and you are served bacteria with your drink.
Mixing your own might take a moment or two, but you know how clean your own equipment is and the only germs you risk are your own. Health consciousness isn’t just about eating right and trips to the gym. These days, mixing your own drinks and making your own food to go with it, is considered one of the best defenses a person can have against common illnesses that spread so easily in public settings.

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