Thursday, November 21, 2013

Setting Up The Ideal Kitchen: Why Having A Large Fridge Freezer Is Ideal

The process of organising your kitchen requires more skill than you might think. No matter how much space you have to work with, you should first position your key appliances i.e. the cooker/oven and the fridge freezer, particularly if you have one with hefty storage capacity. You will be spending a lot of time and effort to create great food in your kitchen so you must make sure that these appliances are up to the demands of your lifestyle. Let's consider the role that a suitable unit can play from day to day...

Just chilling

The variety and capabilities of the fridges on today's market are myriad, but the purchase of an all-in-one fridge freezer unit remains a smart move from the point of view of value and economy of space. Measure up how much room you have and try to pick out a model that is both large and reliable. Place it in a position that will allow easy access when you're reaching for ingredients from it as you cook. You'll want the shelves to be slim, removable and easily adjustable with plenty of opportunity to affix them at as many different heights as possible. A securely sealable set of drawers at the base for vegetables and other vulnerable items which can also be removed for cleaning is essential.

Freezy does it

Many consumers consider the freezer section of a fridge freezer to be of secondary importance. However, any good cook knows that the possibilities opened up by a large freezer can revolutionise the way you feed yourself and your family. You save money and time, and allow yourself access to all sorts of produce out of season by freezing things down. Meat, fish, cheese, fresh herbs and fruit and vegetables can all be restored to life with a little know-how, whilst a well stocked collection of tupperware lets you cook extra and have it waiting in perfect condition for an easy future meal time.
Also in store
It's nice to have plenty of chilled and frozen food storage, but you might not feel so luxurious once holiday time and celebrations come along. Christmas, New Year and other parties can stretch your options to the limit so consider upgrading to something larger than you need in order to cope with those family and friends always so keen to press you with food and drinks. Is there plenty of room in those trays in the door and would you appreciate a dedicated ice cube machine, even? Scaling up prevents emergencies that might see party food go bad and gives you even more room to spread out and keep things fresh from day to day.

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